Variance in LiveFlight & Infinite Flight Stats

Can anyone explain why there’s a difference between the landing totals listed in the LiveFlight App and the actual Infinite Flight game?

Any explanation is appreciated! Thanks.

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I have no idea. Maybe someone else knows… @carmalonso

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This would probably need to be explained by Matt. LiveFlight is retrieving the data via the API that Matt has exposed for us. He would need to compare wherever that data is coming from vs the in-game stat display. Maybe the database query is slightly different. Maybe the API pulls landings on a particular server and the in-game stats has landings across all servers or something like that.

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Thanks. I’ll just wait and see if any of those guys respond.

Landings in LiveFlight are also total landings, whereas they are from the last 90 days in Infinite Flight.

But that doesn’t explain how Liveflight reports 400 less than IF…

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Or does it… maybe I just read the wrong column this morning ;)

I guess no one knows. Lol.

it may be that live flight has not been around as long as you have so its not been counting since day 1

Nope - it’s grabbing stats in real time from IF.

Ok then I don’t have a clue!!

Who’s next in this guessing game!?