Vapor Cones

Hello IFC, today I am requesting vapor cones to be added to IF. Let’s begin.

What is a vapor cone?
A vapor cone is a visible cloud of condensed water which can sometimes form around an object moving at high speed through moist air, for example an aircraft flying at transonic speeds. When the localized air pressure around the object drops, so does the air temperature. If the temperature drops below the saturation temperature a cloud forms.

In the case of aircraft, the cloud is caused by expansion fans decreasing the air pressure, density and temperature below the dew point. Then pressure, density and temperature suddenly increase across the stern shock wave associated with a return to subsonic flow behind the aircraft.

Why is this needed in Infinte Flight?
Vapor clouds would add an extra layer of realism to IF in terms of how some military aircraft operate. This would also create more of a incentive for people to fly military aircraft.

How could some thing like this be implemented?
A good example of how to implement something like this is in Kerbal Space Program. The way they are implemented in that is they have multiple cones that are half transparent and have a sort of foggy texture to them.

Additional resources:
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I’d love this feature! I’d definitely find myself flying military aircraft a lot more.

Unfortunately I’m all out of votes…


This requires 3d modelling (same reason why we don’t have clouds yet), so I bet we won’t see this in the near future


It’s good to have this thread so at least everyone knows what vapor cones are now, but as @Johannes_koelsch said, we won’t see it before we have other 3D objects like clouds.


very well written post!

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If we got this I would just fly out into the desert in my F22 and go supersonic, kill the trottel for a moment, repeat…


Great Request! I would love to see this in IF once the DEVS can add clouds.

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Fair, ok, the Amazon Rain Forest… 😂


Ha hahahha yeah 😂 or I’ll just cruise 20minutes out into the North Atlantic and come back😂🧐👍🏼


This would be cool! I’m out of votes tho…

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Having something related to this would be something quite essential for some military people, You’ve gotten my vote on this feature.

You forgot to vote @Remark2002 ;)


I do sometimes tend to forget, but thanks for the reminder, I’ll always need you if I forget ;)

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Annnnnnnnnnnd, I’m out votes. ;(

Seems pretty cool. Aren’t these also called “Sonic Booms”?

The sonic boom is the sound, this is the ‘cloud formation’ that happens as a result of the speed of the aircraft.

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Here it is also briefly explained how it works