Vans RV-12 Light Sport Airplane

Credits: N266VA | Vans RV-12 | Private | HA-KLS | JetPhotos

Note: This is N266VA Based at KPSM. I flew her on June 2 for my intro flight!

The Vans RV-12iS, a small two-seater LSA built by Van’s Aircraft

The new Vans RV-12iS is a Light Sport Aircraft that is used for both training and for personal use. The RV-12 has a range of about 482nm.
The Vans RV-12 is a perfect little plane when it comes to short hops to different places. It’s also great for how small it is.
It can easily fly cross country flights when planned accordingly.

This aircraft would be a great addition to Infinite Flight for being super easy to learn to fly in.
As my instructor said:
“This airplane is one of the easiest airplanes you can learn to fly in. All you need is just your fingers to move the stick for the plane to respond very quickly”

The Vans RV-12 also comes standard with a Glass Cockpit

RV-12 Specifications

Number of pilots: 1
Maximum PAX: 1
Maximum TO weight: 1,320lb
Empty weight: 740lb
Engine: Rotax 912ULS
Cruise Speed: 113kts
Stall speed: 41kts
Range: 482nm
Ceiling: 13,000ft

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Actually not half bad of an aircraft. I’ll clear a vote for this.

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Looks like a fun aircraft :)

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It was certainly fun to fly when I flew it! This’ll be the airplane I’ll be training on!


looks cool

I’ve seen a few of these buzzing overhead my house, mostly in formation or acrobatic flying. Fun little plane!

Imagine actually flying that for four hours cross country. That would be a long day 😂

I mean, we are required to do a cross country, and it’ll be part of my training that I have to fly the RV-12 at least 1 hour away and back.

I’m certainly debating which airports I’ll be flying to.


Ya, of course, cross country is an important part of training, I was just surprised to see it could co four and a quarter hours no stops, I wonder how often people push that particular specification…

Flightchops video on this was amazing. You have my (virtual) vote but I’m all out so I cant sorry!

Funny part of the RV-12 is that it doesn’t require IFR instruments. It’s an option. The ones at the Flight School that I will be training on isn’t IFR Rated


Ah perfect aircraft to do some stroll or quick sightseeing, let me clear some of my votes.

Excuse me, why theres 2 (two) pilots in the pictures while number of pilots says 1 (one) in the specification.

It can carry one passenger. The one on the right seat is most likely an instructor. There can be two pilots if needed.

The RV-12 can only carry two people


I have flown that exact plane beautiful aircraft worth the vote