Van's RV-10

The Van’s Aircraft RV-10 is a four-seat, single-engine, low-wing homebuilt airplane sold in kit form by Van’s Aircraft. It is the first four-seat airplane in the popular RV series. The RV-10 first flew on 29 May 2003, and the first kit parts were delivered to a customer in September 2003.

This would be a great and useful aircraft to add into the sim, it is a general aviation beast and can fly for almost 1,000 miles.

Image Source: RV-10 - Van's Aircraft Total Performance RV Kit Planes

Statistics Of This Aircraft
Cruise Speed: 174kts
Top Speed: 179kts
Max Altitude: 20,000ft msl

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Hope this will be added to the sim! Feel free to vote for it :D

Tiny plane lol
I got your support, just no votes :(

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It is indeed a very smol boi lol
glad I have support!! :D

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Little bump :D

I hav actually built A real life plane Vans RV-12iS

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Nice! Must’ve been hard lol

Took 2 years I was 11 years old back in 2018


I ❤️ RV’s

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Same, such a beautiful plane to fly in! Very modern and smooth :D

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