VANet - Take your VA to the Next Level

VANet - Take your VA to the Next Level

There are some features that VAs need desperately, but just can’t be made without a platform for VAs to digitally interact. That’s why I created VANet. VANet is a connected platform for Virtual Airlines, allowing them to interact and through the power of the cloud can also add never-before-seen features to their Crew Center.

At its core, VANet is an API. Applications make requests to VANet and receive JSON response data. This can be used by the application (Crew Center) in a variety of ways. But not everyone’s a developer, so we also created Flare - a modern and feature-rich Crew Center that integrates with VANet with very little setup.

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Advanced vFinances System

Using an advanced algorithm, VANet creates financial data for your VA based on flights. You can adjust Pilot Pay and Seat Price to help your VA succeed. Beware though, the random parts of your flight could throw off your entire airline! No real money is exchanged through this system.


Create events, track attendees, and more with VANet Events. Our API eliminates the need for complex database relationships and provides all the data using a simple HTTP GET. VANet Gold subscribers only.


Through the Infinite Flight API, VANet is able to determine a flight’s duration, departure, arrival, and aircraft. Minimal fuss for pilots to log flights, with just a single click all fields can be populated. Requires VANet Gold.

Easy Codeshare

In the age of VA partnerships, send the routes to your friends at another VA using easy codeshare. Simply provide the routes you want to send, and your partners will be able to import them with a single click.


Flare is the recommended platform for integrating with VANet. It is feature rich, and supports all VANet features. Flare is written in PHP and is easy to set up. It also includes an updater to keep Flare fresh and a plugins system to extend what Flare is capable of.


VANet and Flare should be easy to set up and use. That’s why we’ve got a library of tutorials available on VANet for everything we do.

VANet ❤ Open Source

VANet loves open source software. Because this wouldn’t be what is is without the community, Flare, all the Flare Plugins, and the VANet and Flare Tutorials are open source and available on GitHub.

Utility APIs

We believe that developers power the world. So, to help developers make amazing products, our Airport and Aircraft API Endpoints are open to anyone with an account on VANet. For just $2/month you can get unlimited API requests - and the happy feeling of supporting a small developer.

VANet Gold

The VA Community thrives on free software, but we have costs to cover. For just $7/month (or $70/year), VAs can get access to ACARS and Events, as well as guaranteed access to future features. Some things we have planned for the future include intelligent flight booking and a virtual airline stock market.

I’ve Heard Enough!

I don’t doubt it. Check out our website at For VAs, feel free to register. We only accept VAs that are in the IFVARB Review Process or are IFVARB Approved.

Thank Yous

A project like this doesn’t just happen. I would like to thank each and every one of these people for their ongoing support and suggestions.

  • @rebal15 for doing much of the initial coding to make Flare workable
  • @Cameron for helping me learn C# to create VANet and for providing feedback and advice during development.
  • My beta testers - 6EVA, BAVA, AIVA, SWVA and TGV. There was no shortage of bugs when they started and they’ve helped me find and fix each one (we think). They’re all great VAs too, you should check them out!

This post was made by me, the guy who's lucky with NullReferenceExceptions - Kai M. Flare was brought to life by the guy who explains programming to people to sound clever - Lucas R. If you've got this far, I have to wonder why you're still reading the really tiny text. Isn't this bad for your eyes or something?

Great job on it again! Really happy to see this finally released.


Great job @KaiM

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Great job to @KaiM and @rebal15 !

I really like the Crew Center


VANet Statistics Embeds are Here!

APIs and JSON aren’t for everyone, so today we added support for good old code snippets (iframes) to show off how amazing your VA is on your website. For VAs subscribed to VANet Gold, the code should now be available on your VA Profile. Simply copy and paste into the website builder of your choice and viola! Enjoy!


I’ve been having problems with the ACARS system on VANet recently. It doesn’t recognize me on the sever. Any ideas to troubleshoot?


Hey there! Could we have some more details about your situation? Server, aircraft, and flight plan would be a good start. Thanks!

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Server: Expert
Route: KORD-KSFO (Currently Parked at the Gate at KSFO)
Aircraft: 757-200

Thanks for helping @KaiM

May I ask what 757 livery you’re in?

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United, sorry I forgot to mention

Just had a look, there’s no flight plan on file for you which is why VANet isn’t happy. Make sure you’ve filed a valid flight plan.


I have a valid FPL, I think. KORD-KSFO with STAR, APP, and waypoints

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Man! I go on a vacation from Infinite Flight. I come back to functional cockpits, amazing new sounds and liveries. Then I see apps like these. I’m very impressed. Great job!


It’s not showing up via the API, so that’s the issue. Sorry about that.

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No worries. Is there a potential fix?

Seems to be an issue on IF’s end I’m afraid. If it’s constantly happening give me a DM and I can follow up a bit more thoroughly than if it’s a one-off.


VANet is looking for Writers!

As VANet continues to grow, we will be setting up a blog in the coming weeks and months. The blog will feature Infinite Flight news, VA growth strategies, and interviews with prominent figures in the VA and IF community.

I am looking for passionate writers to help drive this project. Please email an expression of interest to kai [at] vanet [dot] app with your name, position(s) in the community, and previous experience if any (none is fine). The sorts of people I’m looking for is:

  • IFVARB Board Members/Leaders/Admins
  • VA CEOs (preferably experienced)
  • VA Staff (must be experienced)
  • Third-Party developers

Hi, I was interested in signing up for this however when I go to sign up whatever email I enter it says a user with this account already exists and I have entered three different emails and it says for each their is already an account with this email however I haven’t signed up before?

DM me with your email and I’ll take a look for you 🙂


Hey all! VANet now has an Instagram account and we’re currently taking suggestions for our next release on our story. Check it out!