VANet - Take your VA to the Next Level - v2 Open Beta now available

VANet 2 Feaure Announcement #1

The VANet Team are pleased to announce that VANet 2 will include leaderboards! Pilots will be able to compete based on hours, flights, and events attended - both overall and in specific VAs. Airlines will also be ranked based on total hours, total flights, and number of pilots. And last but not least, there will also be public leaderboards showing the most flown aircraft and the most visited airports.

Leaderboards will be able to be displayed in Flare but will have the ability to be turned off. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them below. We’ll see you in one week for another feature announcement!


Hello there,

Thanks for the help with what you’ve created. I have one slight problem. I’m currently creating a VO and have no technical skills I’d like to incorporate what you’re talking about into my VO but I have no idea what it’s about. I have no understanding of anything technical including coding so that all seems too much. Would you be able to explain it in simple terms?


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You can use VAHost, it’s free, easy, and there is no coding involved! Check out the thread here.

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VA Blogs - Coming to VANet 2

VANet has set its sights on becoming the leading platform for interaction between Virtual Airlines in the Infinite Flight Community, and as part of this we’ve got another exciting feature announcement! As of VANet 2, airlines will be able to create and publish blog posts, hosted by VANet! Airlines will be able to share whatever content they want to their blog page on VANet.

The VANet Team will also be publishing regular blog posts of our own on topics like improving pilot growth and retention, awesome VA blogs, and getting started with VANet, among other things. We are excited to bring this feature to you on the 32nd of when it’s ready :P


Work is progressing nicely on the new VANet website. This website has been designed from the ground up for simplicity, usability, and the conservation of eyesight when being used at 2am.

All those statistics are completely accurate and pulled from our database! We recently updated our airport database, adding a 13,000 small airports from around the globe, bringing the total amount of airports to over 42,000! We’re also super pumped that over 4,000 flights have been filed by airlines using VANet.

We’re aiming to release an open beta of this new site within the next 2 weeks.


Good priorities!


Wow, is really wonderful can’t wait to see that !

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VANet 2 - Phased Release

Not quite a feature announcement post, but we wanted to give some details on the 4 phases of the release of VANet 2 and their (very rough) ETAs.

Phase 1: Release to Flare
As well as updating our website, we’ve also been hard at work to update our API. This is how data flows from Flare to VANet, so it’s a super important part of our infrastructure. This first step involves migrating all Flare Crew Centers to the new API. The release that this is part of (v1.2.4) is currently in beta testing.

Phase 2: Website Beta
In the phase, our new website is released to a small selection of beta testers to try out all the new things. VANet 2 involves a complete rework of our authentication system (that is, the thing that allows you to log in). This phase is currently underway - and we can’t thank our testers enough!

Phase 3: Initial Release!
Woohoo! This phase is where you get to use and see VANet 2. In this phase, there will be no feature difference between VANet 1 and VANet 2, but we will have modernised our infrastructure and laid the foundations for future work. This phase is expected to commence within 1 month.

Phase 4: Feature Releases
This is the one to look forward to. After we release the new site and infrastructure and ironed out the bugs, we will move onto developing 4 new features to release to you (hopefully) within 2 months after the initial release. Think of this as “VANet 2.1”.


VANet v2 Open Beta

As Infinite Flight’s 21.1 open beta was released, we were working on a beta of our own! We are extremely happy to announce that the open beta for VANet v2 is now… well… open (tada).

Further instructions can be found at the tutorial linked below. We kindly ask that all users participating the beta read this tutorial in full to understand what we’re looking for, how to report bugs, and information on moving to v2. Happy testing!


Great job on this btw

Wonderful job for this v2 !
I can’t wait to see what it will be when official release will come up, continue improve like that !


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