VANet - Coming Soon

VANet - Coming Soon


This is like a crew-center pre-made?

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Flare is a Crew Center and VANet is an advanced service that integrates with any Crew Center (Flare, phpVMS etc) to provide extra functions like smart finances and ACARS.


my VO would be honored to use your service! Also well done for the nonstop efforts made!


Great job well done!

Looks great. Do you have something like a demo which would make us understand a bit better

Preety good!

How much does this cost?

Looks great! I’d love to see what the app looks like

This post is only intended as a teaser. Nothing is available publicly yet. In fact, beta testing only started today ;)

There will be a free tier for both VAs and Users.

For VAs, the paid tier will cost US $3/month or $30/year and will give the VA access to all features. The free tier will get access to all features except ACARS, Events and the Stats.

For Users, the paid tier will cost US $1/month or $10/year and will remove ads and give the user unlimited API requests (developer thing). The free tier is limited to 200 API Requests each month and has ads shown across the site.

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i want to buy

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That’s great to hear! I can’t set release dates yet but I’m hoping it’ll be out by the end of September.

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Really looking forward to this Kai!

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I am happy to be a beta tester for your website if you wish

Malaysia Airlines Virtual is looking forward to this launch! Great job, everyone!


Sound great @KaiM! I’ll definitely take an interest in this, and I’ll look out for once it’s out!


Will definitely love to use this for my VA. All the best.


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(There’s multiple photos, click on the link to see the others)


Absolutely incredible! Can’t wait to see the full product and maybe try it out 👀