Vancouver to Whitehorse! (Ft: Canadian aviator… and Jason?)

Hey there, yesterday i flew with Canadian aviator in the CRJ-900 to Whitehorse from Vancouver!
And we had a special visitor there as well…

Crusting: FL340
Flight time ~2 hours

Here’s the photos!

  1. parked with @Canadian_Aviator at YVR #YVR3D lol

  2. @jasonrosewell landing on runway 08L, is YVR 3D? Joking of course (i was going to add the username, but I’m not allowed)

  3. take off from the best Canadian airport (fight me Toronto peeps)

  4. the beautiful city of Vancouver! (I am biased for it cause i live there 😂)

  5. the absolutely stunning mountains of British Columbia!

The Great Wall of chi- oh, Yukon i guess

Landing in YXY!

Hoped you like the pictures!


I love the photos! And cool spotting Jason!

Remember though, when posting in #screenshots-and-videos category, you aren’t allowed to have player/display names within the photos.

And I understand adding information to prove it is Jason but your photos still aren’t allowed display names.

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Fixed! [ten characters]

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Nice photos! I hope YVR 3D will be included in 21.5 lol (Also kinda biased since I live in Vancouver as well)

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I have a feeling, since YVR is most often dead, why would staff fly here besides an event?

He also came here from SFO…

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Great shots! Thanks for tagging along.


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I should put it in my bio lol

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