Vancouver to Auckland!

secret government info

YVR-AKL Air New Zealand 787-9, 12:37 flight time.
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Today we are going on a vacation to New Zealand 🇳🇿.
We took a connecting flight from IAD to YVR and we now are going to AKL!

Boarding our 787-9 that will take us to New Zealand.

Canadian Mountains 🇨🇦

Another cool shot!

Than I went to sleep

10 hours later

Almost pitch black as the sun rises soon.

Sunrise turning for left downwind for runway 5R.


At the gate and de boarding

dramatic shot

bonus pics


You slept 10H on a plane ☠️


Ikr I can barely manage 1 hour. Nice photos btw @deltaoutofdca

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I slept irl this was an overnight flight.

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Understood i was joking because the way it was written, made me think this

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Nice photos! I love a good long haul flight!!!

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