Vancouver Takeover Radar Timelapse (CYVR)

Hey guys! Wanted to share this video of this amazing experience I had while controlling in CYVR today, during the Vancouver takeover, hosted by @Ecoops123. In the video, it’s not showing the most busy part of the session, but I wanted to show traffic consistently throughout the video rather than just 1 huge wave of traffic, and if you see yourself, let me know in the replies! Props to Ecoops for making it, I had a lot of fun, and tons of traffic started flowing as well, though it came about 30 minutes after what you’ll see in the video. Again, really fun experience, I love takeovers and hopefully there are more to come because they keep me motivated to control new places, hope you enjoy!


My home airport!


It was definitely great fun to control with you, you’re a great eager controller that keeps in great contact with, understanding, short, and straight to the point, which today was a nice day, but when it’s truly busy, I imagine you’ll be up at the top quickly. I definitely look forward to it again! It’s always fun exploring somewhere new, and on this adventure you happened to stumble across my favourite place in the world. 😄

The fun happened when you were controlling. The ‘fun’ started when you left… I’m currently on my long so so can’t view my replay.

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Just across the pond from my home airport! CYVR is one of the best airports I’ve had the pleasure to fly through. Awesome job controlling CYVR today!