Vancouver Intl. Spotting Help

I am going to Vancouver this summer and arriving at YVR. Does anyone know where the ideal places to be taking pictures of the planes landing or departing. Inside or outside is fine just want to make sure I find an ideal place. I want to make sure to get some good photos. Thanks in advance. ;)
P.S. I created this before but it was closed due to not having correct trust level.

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Vancouver International Airport - SpottersWiki This should help you


Thanks! This helped a lot. Hope you have a great day!


Enjoy the spotting and be sure to post pictures!

I sure will! Thanks a lot for the help

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Ferguson Rd is great for summer spotting. I highly recommend it. It has a lot of dirt mounds and is close to the runway.

Now the real question is… Is there anywhere to get blasted?!? #CanadianTNCM :)

Sadly nowhere to get blasted @Balloonchaser

But I highly suggest Templeton Road

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I highly recommend the large dirt hill on Ferguson Road. It’s right in the middle of the runway and you can see planes landing no matter which runway is in use. Attached is a picture I took from there.


WOW! You guys were very helpful, I’ll make sure to take pictures to show. Thanks a lot for this support.


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