Vancouver Flyout! @CYVR 13thNOV22 (DEPARTED)

Summary: Welcome to the CYVR flyout, This event is hosted by @AmericanB772 and @United403 It is the second busiest airport in Canada in terms of passenger traffic behind Toronto Pearson Airport. YVR is also one of the few major international airports to have a terminal for scheduled floatplanes.

We hope you have fun and hope you enjoy it!!

Airport: This Event will be at CYVR.

Time: 14:00 EDT, 1500 EST, 18:00 GMT

|6|Q400|WestJet Encore|Fort St John (CYXJ)|
|7|Q400|WestJet Encore|Kelowna (CYLW)|
|8|Q400|WestJet Encore|Kelowna (CYLW)|
|9|Q400|WestJet Encore|Prince George (CYXS)|
|10|Q400|WestJet Encore|Terrace-Kitimat|
|12A|Q400|WestJet Encore|Victoria (CYYJ)|

Domestic - Pier B (WestJet, Air Transat, Flair, Air North)

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time Pilot’s Name
13 B737 WestJet San Francisco (KSFO) @Avaitor1
14 A321 (Generic) Air Transat Montreal (CYUL)
15 B738 WestJet Toronto (CYYZ)
16 B737 WestJet Calgary (CYYC)
17 B737 WestJet Winnipeg (CYWG)
18 A321 (Generic) Air Transat Toronto (CYYZ)
19 B737 WestJet Regina (CYQR)
20 B737 WestJet Halifax (CYHZ)
21 A321 (Generic) Air Transat Quebec City (CYQB)
22 B737 WestJet Ottawa (CYOW)
23A B738 (Generic) Flair Air Toronto (CYYZ)
23B B738 (Generic) Flair Air Calgary (CYYC)
23C B738 WestJet Montreal (CYUL)
26 B737 WestJet Edmonton (CYEG)
27 B738 WestJet Saskatoon (CYXE)
28 B738 (Generic) Flair Air Edmonton (CYEG)
Domestic - Pier C (Air Canada, Air Canada Express)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time Pilot’s Name
29 A321 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ)
30 A319 Air Canada Edmonton (CYEG) @RagonDragon
31 A321 Air Canada Calgary (CYYC)
32 CRJ9 Air Canada Express YellowKnife (CYZF @CanadianNorth
33 Q400 Air Canada Express Victoria (CYYJ)
34 Q400 Air Canada Express Nanaimo (CYCD)
35 Q400 Air Canada Express Kelowna (CYLW)
36 Q400 Air Canada Express Smithers (CYYD)
37 Q400 Air Canada Express Fort St John (CYXJ)
38 Q400 Air Canada Express Terrace-Kitimat
39 A321 Air Canada Montreal (CYUL)
40 A319 Air Canada Calgary (CYYC)
41 A319 Air Canada Winnipeg (CYWG)
42 A319 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ)
43 A319 Air Canada Ottawa (CYOW)
44 B789 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ) @Afraz_Hammad1
45 A319 Air Canada Montreal (CYUL)
46 A333 Air Canada Montreal (CYUL)
47 B773 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ) @AmericanB772
48 A321 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ)
49 CRJ9 Air Canada Express Regina (CYQR)
50 CRJ9 Air Canada Express Winnipeg (CYWG)
51 B772 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ)
52 B772 Air Canada Montreal (CYUL)
International - Pier D (WestJet, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Air Transat, British Airways, KLM, Aeromexico, Xiamen, ANA, China Airlines)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time Pilot’s Name
53 B744 Lufthansa Frankfurt (EDDF) @Alaska_298_super_YT
54 B788 China Southern Guangzhou (ZGGG)
55 B789 WestJet London (EGKK)
56 B773 Air New Zealand Auckland (NZAA)
60 A388 British Airways London (EGLL)
61 B773 Air India Delhi (VIDP) @coolguy_bob
63 A333 Air Transat London (EGKK)
64 B789 Air Canada Beijing (ZBAA)
65 B773 Air Canada Sydney (YSSY)
66 B772 Air France Paris (LFPG)
67 B789 Air Canada Seoul (RKSI)
70 A333 KLM Amsterdam(EHAM)
71 B789 Air Canada Tokyo (RJAA)
73 B772 Air France Tahiti (NTAA)
75 B773 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong (VHHH)
76 B788 Xiamen Xiamen (ZSAM)
77 A359 China Airlines Taipei (RCTP)
78 B789 ANA Tokyo (RJTT)
USA - Pier E (United, Air Canada, Rouge, American, Alaska, Delta, WestJet)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time Pilot’s Name
79 A320 United San Francisco (KSFO)
80 A321 Air Canada Los Angeles (KLAX) @N889FQ
81 A319 Air Canada Rouge Las Vegas (KLAS) @Klas892
82 A319 American Phoenix (KPHX)
83 Q400 Alaska Seattle (KSEA) @AIDAN101
84 A320 American Dallas (KDFW)
86 B738 United Denver (KDEN)
87 E175 United San Francisco (KSFO) @United403
88 A321 Delta Atlanta (KATL)
90 E175 Delta Seattle (KSEA) @Flyin.Hawaiian
91 A321 American Chicago (KORD)
92 CRJ9 Delta Minneapolis (KMSP)
93 CRJ9 American Eagle Los Angeles (KLAX)
94 B739 Alaska Portland (KPDX)
95A CRJ9 Air Canada Express Phoenix (KPHX)
95B A319 Air Canada Boston (KBOS) @CypTic
96 B738 WestJet palm spring (KPAP) @Butter575

UPS Stands - Ramp

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time Pilot’s Name
Ramp 01 MD-11F UPS Louisville (KSDF)
Ramp 02 A330F UPS Seattle (KBFI)
Ramp 03 A330F UPS Louisville (KSDF)
Ramp 04 A330F UPS Louisville (KSDF)
Ramp 05 A330F UPS Seattle (KBFI) @TheNeoLeo
Ramp 06 MD-11F UPS Louisville (KSDF)
Ramp 07 MD-11F UPS Seattle (KBFI) @Topgottem

AC Hangar - Ramp

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time Pilot’s Name
Hangar 01 B773 Air Canada Shanghai (ZSPD)
Hangar 02 B789 Air Canada Dublin (EIDW)
Hangar 03 B772 Air Canada Zurich (LSZH)
Hangar 04 B773 Air Canada Paris (LFPG)

DHL Stands - Ramp

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time Pilot’s Name
Ramp 01 B752 Icelandair Reykjavik (BIKF)
Ramp 02 A319 Air Canada Rouge Kona (PHKO)
Ramp 03 A321 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time Pilot’s Name
AC Cargo 1 B777F Korean Cargo Guadalajara (MMGL)
Purolator Ramp 1 DC-10F KF Cargo (Purolator) Kelowna (CYLW)
Purolator Ramp 2 B757 Cargojet (Generic) Hamilton (CYHM)
Purolator Ramp 3 DC-10F KF Cargo (Purolator) Kamloops (CYKA)
FedEx Ramp 1 MD-11F FedEx Memphis (KMEM)
FedEx Ramp 2 B777F FedEx Toronto (CYYZ)
FedEx Ramp 3 MD-11F FedEx Oakland (KOAK)

Ground: @RyanairLander
Tower: @RyanairLander

I hope to see you there!!


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Let’s get some sign up’s!!!

I will take this!
16 B738 WestJet Calgary (CYYC)

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You got it!!

Sorry, can’t makes it because it’s on my birthday and I have events going on, have a good event though!!

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yep! (10char)

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Same here! Thats soo cool! Im doing my birthday the 12th tho

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Can i have shenzen - Vancouver? Hainan A330

Scrap that: my favourite arrival of the day:

Lufthansa 747 from Frankfurt

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