Vancouver (CYVR) SID fault

I’m trying to fly out of Vancouver towards Toronto, the 08 runways are in use, but the only SID’s that work are the ones for 26L (RICHM7), and if you choose any other random one, the only thing that shows up on the map is WPT, and it doesn’t lead anywhere. On the flight plan, one more waypoint appears, but it doesn’t appear on the map, and it’s not seen as a SID.

I am having a bit of troble making this up in my mind
may you please show us a picture?

Try yourself to create a flight from Vancouver to Toronto and see how it works. Thanks

Hello 🙂

This is because the majority of SIDs @CYVR require aircraft to fly a specific heading before being vectored to the desired route by a departure frequency. Therefore, due to the lack of waypoint usage, the SIDs in game won’t really be that useful. I recommend looking at the charts and flying the listed headings before intercepting your flight plan on your own in the best way possible.


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