Vancouver, BC region

Time for a Canadian region to come into place for my fellow Bush flyers and Island hoppers

The core of it will be my home airport Vancouver International(YVR/CYVR), A little stretch to the south like So-Cal across the border to US to the city of Bellingham(Where Allegiant are based with their MD’s). All the way east along the Fraser river(Follow the river event again), passing Abbotsford(YXX/CYXX), now passing the little city of Hope which is our eastern boundary, then we head north along the river. All the way till the little city of Lillooet. Finally back west crossing some island and hills at the middle and reaching Campbell river(YBL/CYBL) and south passing Nanaimo(YCD/CYCD) and Victoria(State capital of BC YYJ/CYYJ)

Comment for thoughts and ideas!


I think it’s a good idea but maybe you can connect it with the Seattle region.


Ever looked at Oshkosh and Chicago on live flight? That’s my current idea.

Yeah you’re right.

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Bellingham is around 40 miles to YVR and 60 miles to PAE so I don’t get what ya saying

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Why do So-Cal include Mexico? Same theory

Bellingham is technically considered more Vancouver than Seattle FYI

80% of their shopping sales come from people in BC

I think a Vancouver region is a great idea

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It is! Raised there and I know a lot about it

I live in Canada (Not Vancouver) and went to Vancouver in the summer and the scenery is beautiful

From the east approaching 26R through the Rockies is the best view

It would be cool, you can do a bit of mountain flying and a little bit of island flying as well

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I agree. I wish the Seattle region covered Vancover.

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Better we wait for global flight and then all people will be happy ;)

I know, it only extends up to KPAE

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With the dash 8 confirmed in the Alaska horizon livery this region would be able to support many more realistic flights

Yes! This is one of the common visitors in YVR

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Also Common Asian flights coming into YVR