Van Nuys airport spotting (Private Jets)

Van Nuys Airport is the most busy general aviation airport in the world. Luckily, or unluckily whichever way you see it, I live about 10 minutes away from it. So here are a few pictures of air traffic. Also I’m glad that people use this airport in IF, as it should be.


You got a nice little Phenom 300 in there. Looks great!

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wheres is the airbus a380!!1

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Really? It’s a general aviation airport. The a380 can’t go into Van Nuys

ehh was a joke,

guess i can comfirm im a bad joke teller :)

Haha I got ya. Ehh add a sarcastic remark like a laughing face or something

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Well an A380 can technically land at Van Nuys, I suppose if Air Force one can why can’t the a380?

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These shots are incredible. The one with the mountains in the background is just majestic af.

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Let me know if you ever see this Gulfstream at KVNY. It’s based there, buddy of mine flies it.


I’m guessing bc the weight of the a380 would just sink in the runway. I don’t think the runway would be thick enough to withhold the weight of an a380

Thats probably one of the best paint schemes I’ve seen on a Gulfstream.

I would like to know his name

I think I’ve seen it around, I’ll try to get some pics of it. That’s quite a nice shot you have there

Well Van Nuys is made to be able to back up Lax if Air Force One cannot land there, it’s the second option. So I mean I wouldn’t attempt to land an a380 at van Nuys anytime soon, I think it would be safe once or twice. The taxiways however would not be so forgiving.

Can’t take credit for this shot! It’s my brothers. I was sick the day he did the photoshoot so wasn’t able to make it down :(

His name is Alex @N1DG

And yes, this is probably the nicest Gulfstream paint I’ve seen, other than Sexy Jet. @DeerCrusher


Than I’ve got to get to know Alex at van nuys. Looks like I know where my next trip is

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