Van Nuys 3D Rework?

As we all know, the Challenger 350 is coming out this year, in an update from 23.2 onwards. Because of this, I would like to see if anyone would know if Van Nuys is currently getting reworked or will be reworked in the future. Van Nuys is a huge airport for General Aviation, and I would love to fly out of there with the CL350 when the airport has been made 3D. Thanks! :)

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No, not a request, I am just wondering IF it is underway or not.

Hey! Editors are not allowed to say if airports at WIP’s or not, unless they are posted publicly in the #scenery-editing category. Check that category and check all of the posts to see is the airport that you are asking about is listed in it.

I have looked multiple times and found nothing, sadly. Just wondering if anyone could confirm or not. Seems as though no is the answer as of now. Thanks though!

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And if you have anymore questions, search for the IFAET signup sheet for common community questions

As an IFAET member we are not allowed to say anything

You’ll have to wait and see if Van Nuys will come with the CL350!

We have a great selection of airports currently being edited in preparation for the release of the CL350! I promise you will not be dissapointed!


Once again everyone, I am NOT asking for someone to rework it, rather seeing if anyone had found it being worked on by another user or something. Like I said before, it seems as though if not, so I guess this topic can be closed…

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