¡Vamos a San Juan! AA MD-11 (KMIA-TJSJ)

Flight I did departing from Miami en route to San Juan in Puerto Rico w/ the beautiful MD-11!
Server- ES
~2hr. Flight time

Departing out of 12. Had a close call w/ the AA 737. He was crossing the runway while I was bolting down…

I had to disconnect lnav mode and go a bit of course to get some views of the terrain and the sea.😁

Around the bahamas.

I’m interested of ya’lls favored image…

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Great shots!

Nice photos! Thanks for coming to San Juan Puerto Rico!

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Beautiful Caribbean + AA MD-11❤️

Yay an airport with my name in it!

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Glad to see home get some love 🥰🥰 #SanJuanVFR


Glad to see some love put toward the classic planes in the IF fleet. They need more love for sure.

Those shots are killer! Great job.

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