VAmanager VA assistance app!

Last night I asked you what uou all wanted, and a few people said a VA manager app, so today I am proud to anounce VAmanager an app to discover VAs, see staf members, create lists of VAs you are in, and join new VAs. I will be building this in corporation with VA managers to proberly permite their VA, and increase their memberships. Best of all this will be completely FREE for now at least. We hope some day to add some new features that allow VAs to work in pur app as a comunication method instrad of somthing like slack. This app will only list IFARB approved VAs, but all will be listed (except possible short gaps between updates). We plan to keep this simple intuitive, and easy to use.
Thanks, KPIT😄


Early competition for this ? -> Beginning Stages // The Official Virtual Airline Manager App


That one was unlisted, I did not know about that, but I doint take it a randome chance that last night on my post everyone wanted a VA manager, and the next morning someone says they are working on it…

But we will have to see what app the community perfirs!😄

I would prefer people to start announcing their projects when they have actually have something to show, or at least have any kind of idea for structure.

All that have been said here is that you’re going to make a VA-app.
But what does it mean?

Keep on working, get some idea of what you actually want it to contain and figure out a structure and post something then.

Thanks and good luck!