Valujet Douglas DC-9-30

With its cream blue, cornflower yellow, and white livery, Valujet was a cute and uniquely colorful airline in the skies. It’s little plane cartoon dubbed “Critter” gave a nice touch to the airline. Unfortunately, its poor safety practices led to its grounding but ultimately, the airline got back up on its feet as the modern but now departed AirTran Airways, which continued the Valujet tradition of DC-9s by accruing/taking up Valujets large Boeing 717-200 order.


Image credit: Valujet Photo Gallery Two


Imagine all the trolls slamming this plane into the Everglades nose first.

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Yes one of them did.

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That’s for the report and ghost button :)

I’d rather have a different length. The debts just need to change the engine and airline and you get a dc9-30 from a 717-200. Maybe dc-9-50