Value for money?

I was wondering I play if ALOT so I was thinking is the month subscription better or is it the other way round just a question I don’t want to waste my money.

That’s what I do also the part about school I will go on it most nights but I mey go off for weeks which is kinda a problem I just don’t want to buy the year and only use a month of it.

Yearly subscription is your best bet. You bet all planes and regions for a year. Only $50.00 (US. Currency.)


It’s like £39 which is very cheep considering what you get

For the first time, I bought live+ last Friday. And let me tell you, it’s worth every single penny :)


Yessir it is!💪🏽

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Live+! It’s cheaper!
12 Live Subscriptions (1 month each) = $60.00
1 Live+ Subscription (one year) = $50.00
All above prices are US Curencey

Yea I am defently getting it

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Plus you wouldn’t get access to all areas and planes 😉

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The big difference is:

  • Monthly (Live): Aircraft and Regions are yours
  • Yearly (Live+): You “rent” them

Of course it depends on how often you play IF… If you play, let’s say 3 months after then of course Live would fit…

If you are a No L(IF)er then yes, Live+ is for you! :)

You took that from someone else…

@anon91505560 I definitely recommend the Live+ subscription because it gives you all planes and regions. I made a similar topic querying whether I should get the live+ subscription and got lots of positive feedback. I now have Live+ and love it playing practically playing every day and I now even have my own VA! I really recommend you get the Live+ subscription, you can visit my topic for my feedback.

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Sorry for being the grammar stickler but it’s definitely :)


Totally agree with @Ben_ny. Because one day you might not like IF anymore and you would have drained £40

That is also a possibility, you have to be fully committed

I play it basically every day so yea it gets used alot

Originally by @AR_AR but No L(IF)er is my own term… Do read the post :)

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