Valley Race @ KEGE - [CLOSED]

Server: Casual

Region: Denver

Airport: KEGE

Time: 1630Z

Aircraft: Cirrus SR22

NOTAM: Fly from KEGE to KGWS as quick as possible through a valley. (If someone would know its name it would be appreciated to tell it)
When you taxi to runway 25 at KEGE, wait till I (TK-1SKE) announce takeoff on unicom before you start your takeoff roll.

(I wait till everyone is on the runway before I do so)

Rules are simple, fly as fast as you can and do not go over 600 feet AGL.
It is recommended to stay under 250 ft as it is more difficult then.
Who comes to a full stop at KGWS first will win this competition.

Parking Assigments @ KEGE
GA 01: @The_Greatest_Basket
GA 02: @AdamCallow
GA 03: @Xpheros
GA 04: @ClarenceTheAvgeek
GA 05: @Matt_Elphick
GA 05:

*You can ignore the speed warnings, this is a not so realistic event


Ok I’ll come. How about the winner is the first one to come to a stop on the runway.

It was supposed to be like that. :)

Also is it at the start of the takeoff message or the end?

When you see/hear it release your brakes and go! :)

We need more competitors!

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Does anyone else fancy these it will be fun

I might join…

I still it on?

I think so

What time is it EST again? I might be able to attend

Do you mean EDT or EST?

Just look on the if app on the home page it will say the time in your timezone @ClarenceTheAvgeek

EDT, I mean

EDT is UTC -4 hours so it is at 1230 EDT

Alright, I’ll attend.

Starts in 45 minutes!

Delayed with 20 minutes! New start time: 1650Z!
@AdamCallow, @Xpheros and @ClarenceTheAvgeek

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What time is the race for Easter time?

Oh, I’ll try to attend. I’m trying to get some recordings in for the rest of the month