Valid IFC ops

So I was going through a few articles and came across the terms “valid IFC/ATC operations”. I have tried my hand in IF atc server (Training) but it shows that I have zero operations. Can y’all please help me understand this?

Are you able to send us a screenshot of the screen that shows your ATC operations?

Also how long ago did you start controlling on the Training Server as it does take a little bit for the operations to get picked up and appear?

I’ll try to send a screenshot. I usually do it for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

I believe he asked for the time since you first controlled on TS.

Yeah, that’s what I mean.

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Hello, if you are referring to LiveFlight, your ops would show 0 until you join IFATC, all your ops will show up.

Your operations in the top right hand corner of the screen when you are in the ATC menu in IF are perfectly valid for applying for IFATC.

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Nah. Only IFATC ops will be shown, no matter it’s on Training Server or Expert Server.

This is not true. All ops from both servers will be shown.


Yes, let me clarify with an edit

When did you last control?

Today at egll for 1 hour.

Fly for like 15-30 minutes, restart the app, then check again. It takes time to update as it updates periodically, not immediately.

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I agree with @8SmartFlying there. As far as I know LiveFlight only shows IFATC ops.

It counts mine?

You are an IFATC meaning LiveFlight shows your ops.
Here you can see that it doesn‘t show the operations of non-IFATCs.

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I have nearly 2500 ops on TS.
Live flight says nil.


I think when you become IFATC it updates that portion, but the number of ops total is the same for me.

Your ops will show when/if you join IFATC.

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Can we let the OP reply? You are having a separate conversation between other sites and no confirmation from the OP on where they are looking. This can cause confusion.

@Saaz_Bhatia, If you go into Infinite Flight and click on air traffic control from the main menu, your operations will be displayed in the top right corner. I show 432 operations at this time.

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I’m not an IFATC. I’ve spent hours on atc yet it shows zero ops. Am I doing something wrong? And for clarification, I’m not talking about liveflight.