Valid buy unavoidable violation

It just happened basically I was taxiing at London and BOOM an aircraft loads I front of me
There was no name above it or anything it just popped up and I did everything I could to stop in time
What do I do now?

I assume you got a violation/report, based on your title… I would recommend contacting @appeals.

Doesn’t seem like your fault, so I’m sure they can resolve the issue for you.

Parallel to @Alec’s post, if you wish to contact the appeals team about a wrongful report given to you either by the system or by a controller, using this link would put you through to the appeals team who would be happy to assist you.

Sorry to hear that you’ve received a violation. Hope you can have it reversed!


Ok I have evidence in the replay

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Yep, you can use to generate a shareable link that the appeals team will be able to look over.

Thank you so much

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Maybe the plane up ahead got an unstable internet connection and then suddenly just reappeared infront ,and it became too late and with how busy EGLL is I assume wasn’t there to see it if you have all the evidence then as the two posts above said contact appeals or the controller who contacted you.

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