Valentine's Spotting - Old, New and Special | Munich, February 14, 2019

As you may already know, I’ve finally been back to Munich Airport for a long spotting session yesterday. Apart from lots of government traffic, the usual traffic took place normally and provided some nice planes for a civil aviation topic. Three airlines of the Lufthansa Group got new liveries recently: Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa as well as Air Dolomiti. Next to a special livery and a few old liveries that have become rather rare right now, all three new liveries came in front of my lens yesterday, but see yourself :)

Let’s start the collection with a real classic. While the new Boeing 777 fleet got painted in an all-new livery, the remaining fleet of Kuwait Airways is still wearing the old colors. In my opinion both variants look awesome and I like the old classic livery at least as much as the new one.

Maybe this sight will be gone in the future? Rumors say Qatar Airways might leave the oneWorld alliance. This would also mean the end of one of the nicest alliance liveries around. After quite some time I finally managed to catch this 777 wearing the oneWorld colors.

Many might not have noticed but also TAP Portugal got a little update to its livery. While the old livery only had TAG Portugal titles, the new livery update now states TAP AIR PORTUGAL.

Probably the most controversial livery update of the last years: Lufthansa getting rid of almost all yellow in it’s livery. Since the repainting of all aircraft will last approximately 8 years, we will be able to shoot many more pictures of the classic scheme. In fact, the repainting of the A319 fleet has only started with the beginning of 2019. While the very first A319 delivered to Lufthansa, D-AILA, is still wearing the old livery…

…D-AILW is one of two A319s wearing the new colors as of now, one more has received a repaint but is to be transferred to Lufthansa Cityline.

The new Air Europa livery has been around for quite some time now. I haven’t seen the old livery at Munich airport in a longer time neither did I expect to see it yesterday. I guess the last time I saw the old livery was in fact on the Embraers in Infinite Flight 😉

The latest livery update within the Lufthansa Group comes from Air Dolomiti. In the overall style of all updates, the design got cleaned up and has far more white than before. In my opinion the new livery might look a bit more boring but I like the cleaner look, I’ve never been a big fan of the old Air Dolomiti livery.
Old livery:

New look:

A livery change that turned out rather well compared to Lufthansa’s was the one of Austrian Airlines. The last change in design actually wasn’t too long ago before the update to the latest design was initiated. Therefore, there are currently three different designs around: The old Austrian livery in blue and red, the first update, still with red engines and with the blue removed…

…and now the major overhaul with a new logo style, the tail design extended to the fuselage and the (boring) white engines. In fact, the white of all Lufthansa Group airlines including Swiss has been changed to one identical color to make it easier to transfer spare parts between the airlines. Sad fact regarding this aircraft: Before it received the new paintjob a few weeks ago, this particular aircraft used to wear Austrian’s retro livery. At least it’s planned to bring back a retro livery on another airframe in the future.

What’s your opinion? Which liveries have improved, which change wasn’t the best idea the marketing teams of the airlines had? Let the community know! 😉

The main reason for my visit at Munich airport was the Munich Security Conference. Check out my Security Conference topic for some very rare birds! 😉

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TLDR service for @dush19: There were planes in old, new and special liveries landing and taking off at a German airport


mmm, wonder how that tastes…

Anyways jokes aside. These are some pretty amazing pictures you have here. Love the panning done on the Air Europa liver Keep up the great work!

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Hahahahahaha, well, that happens when you have to promote 20 pics in 2 hours, at some point there will be a mistake lol Thanks, I’ll change that haha

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Woah, those are some amazing shots, love the Lufty A319 beacon panner. Nice job, look forward to more!

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Thanks! If you like that beacon shot you will probably love the Qatar Amiri 747-8 beacon/panning shot here as well: Munich Security Conference Spotting | February 14, 2019 😉

I love your spotting photos. The second Austrian A320 is gorgeous 😍 but I like all of the Austrian liveries.

Great photos as always! :)

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Thanks, just added the Austrian pic to my desktop background slideshow myself, I really like that livery

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The old livery is nice, but there’s just something about the new livery I really like. :)

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The first pics finally got added to jetphotos: Moritz Babl aviation photos on JetPhotos

Maybe you guys manage to spot some of the pictures on Flightradar24 😉


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