Valentines patterns

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Hey guys :) ,
I definitely was not sure which category to post this in, whether it was screenshots and videos, or just live. I decided that since it was valentines day and all, I would spice up my flights just a bit :) . The first pattern is a heart shaped balloon. Second one is a box of hearts with a card. The last one is a heart shaped flower :) .
I’ll still do more flying in a bit 👍. Just wanted to share the fun I was having :)


Thanks for reminding me, I have to go fly in the shape of a broken heart 😩

wasn’t dumped or anything, just single


Lol I know how you feel:))


Thanks guys :) flying these patterns was a lot of fun yesterday. Will have to do it again next year :)

Did the MSDHS Memorial Flyover in a heart shape

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