València Airport mistake found [GLOBAL]

Hey there! I’m taking a look at global and it’s really amazing! However, looking at some airports I found that València got two different runways (22-4 and 12-30) on the game.

There is only one runway opened nowadays in Valencia Airport (12-30) and the 22-4 was closed in 1999 when a military base was moved to another city. This runway doesn’t exist at the moment because it’s being used as taxiway or for old planes.
As you can see in the following images (1- Infinite Flight; 2- Real life) the runways don’t match.



You can see how the runway 22 has disappeared and the place is now used for cargo/commercial planes while the runway 4 it’s almost invisible and used for old planes.

I know there are lot of things to do related to Global right now and this is just a small mistake, but if you could take it in consideration for a following update of the game, it would be nice, so the game could be more realistic and similar to real life!

In addition, I considered this topic to be in “Support” and not “Features” because I saw some people posting mistakes of the game on this category too.

Thank you so much!


You need to PM a dev

Edit by Val: Don’t PM devs please.

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Alright! Didn’t know that, thanks!
I’ll let them know!

No he doesn’t.


No don’t PM a developer more then likely wasn’t updated from the x plane file.

This job is for the airport editors to fix :)

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Okay I won’t then! Thanks guys.
Do I have to contact any airport editor?

There’s also one in Cancun

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@dush19 @Moritz - care to have a look?

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This will be fixed in an upcoming scenery update.