Valdez 2018 STOL Competition Thread

Once again I have been asked to be an official judge at this year’s Valdez STOL Fly in!

In 2017 I also was asked to be a judge for my first year!

For those who don’t know Valdez is the Daytona 500 for STOL, if you don’t understand stand that it’s like the Le Mans 24hr race of STOL.


We have a line set out and the rule is your MAIN tires must cross it, if you touch down before it you are Disqualified. Last year we allowed the tail wheel of tail draggers to touch down before it.

The winner last year was Frank Knapp 13 feet 8 inches Take-Off 10 feet 5 inches Landing

These guys train all year for Valdez.

Not only is STOL an event here, but same as flour bombing!
I competed in a gyrocopter. We were the first peolpe ever to flour bomb at Valdez in a Gyro copter


This was from last years, we expect over 500 aircraft this year! Expect some cool pictures and videos!


I wish I could make it this year. Unfortunately I can’t, but next year for sure

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Dang man, if you want to come I have extra room in the car you’re welcome tag along! We’re leaving next Thursday

Not from Fairbanks you aren’t. Besides, I have finals

Awe gross! Yeah not going that route, we’re going through Glennallen this time

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Is that you in the second photo?

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So is it like a landing competition? Closest to the line? Sounds really cool! Could you explain how judges work? How close do you stand to the runway etc?

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It is! Before the beard grew in ;)

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Yes! And take off,

Yes, shortest landing from the line!

So as a judge our job is to determine where the aircraft departed from, there is 5ft sections until 200ft then every 100ft till a 500ft mark. whether or not the aircraft landed short of the line and how far pass the line!

We don’t use the runway we use taxiway for the show!


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