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Welcome To VAHost - The Easiest Way To Host Your Flare Crew Center!

Let’s face it, hosting your crew center for your virtual airline is hard. With VAHost, we do the entire VANet and Flare crew center installation process for you! Its super easy and 100% free!

We were founded to make the process of hosting your crew center easy. Not everyone is familiar with code and a hosting platform, so we do everything for you. Support is easy! You can reach out to us down below, or using the contact us/forum on our site for any questions.

The process is super easy and 100% free!


Head to our store to request your very own free build of Flare Crew Center. One it is purchased, we will be in contact with you between the Infinite Flight Community or our personal community forum.


Customize your entire Flare website with us alongside of you to make sure your pilots will love your new high-tech crew center!


Our service is 100% free! There are no hidden fees anywhere. If you have questions about how our system works, please use the community forum page for help!

Getting the system is easy! Just navigate to our website and head to the “Host” tab. Once there, you can choose the free version, the Gold version (which includes upgraded features), or buy a custom domain.

VAHost is also now proud to offer a free website editing tool for your virtual airlines! Starting now, you can visit and start designing a website for your VA today! Better yet, we will be able to link your crew center to your website, so it will have the same domain! Start designing today wit the website link above!

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VANet Developed By @KaiM and @rebal15


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Great thread! Amazing Crew Center by the looks of it great that you partnered with VANet!. Congratulations mate!

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One of the best thing I could find out! Amazing @CaptainZac

It also good for people who dont have money to buy paid hosting like me 😂😂

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Great job! This will help VA’s that are motivated, but don’t want to spend money

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Thanks all for your kind words!

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Up to over 20 orders already! Thank you all!!!

I would highly recommend VAHost! The setup is so easy and the amazing team behind it saves you from the worry and struggle of coding. Also to make it even better, it truly is 100% free.

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Glad you enjoy it!

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Some great new updates! Great job @KaiM

VAHost - Hosting All

We are now proud to offer a FREE website drag-and-drop builder service! If you visit the link below, you can start designing your stunning virtual airline website. Our team will also help you integrate your crew center into the same domain as your website! The best part, this is all, 100% free with no hidden fees! Sign up below using the link!
If you would like a demonstration on how the website works, please watch the YouTube video below!

Thanks everyone and have a great friday!


We are now proud to offer SSL certificates, which can be purchased on our website. Do you want your site to be even more secure with an https:// instead of http://? Even though all of our websites are kept under a secure server, these websites will support https:// also! We offer a cheap and easy option to get your site fitted with the most secure SSL certificate!


Since our goal is not to take any more money than we have to, we charge exactly what the hosting services charge us for that certificate, so you would get it for the same price to us as you would through any reliable hosting service.

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Confirmation Codes

We are proud to introduce confirmation codes, the easiest way to track your VAHost order! After ordering, you will be sent a confirmation code, in which the status of your order will be updated on. You can plug your confirmation code into, then you can track the status of your order.

We are very straightforward with you. We always will tell you specifically where in line you are. We have a 2 day promise, while we can never guarantee this based on the obvious technical problem that any user can face, we promise to have yours ready in 2 days if possible.

Happy hosting, VAHost!

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Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that VANet v2 is out, and it starts right now!

With Version Two, we have re-developed our entire website from the ground up. This includes moving to a code-based system rather than our former Wix website. This has taken weeks of planning and development, so we are delighted to introduce it to the public.

While it doesn’t offer many more features, the new and improved user interface has changed significantly, and the ability to sign up to receive a crew center is easier than ever!

From all of us at VAHost, we appreciate your support. We are thrilled to host over 50 virtual airline websites, just under half of all IFVARB approved virtual airlines.

Feel free to check it out below!

NOTE: If you are getting a “construction warning,” try refreshing the page in an hour, or try clearing your cookies. This is happening because the CNAME records were changed, and they may not have been updated yet. Don’t worry; it will update soon, and you will be able to access the site. :)

Z-Tube (On behalf of CaptainZac & VAHost)


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