Vague and poor game rules on live

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For anyone who is an aviator or an aviation enthusiast, controlled airspace means that the vicinity has a frequency that covers that vicinity border. In other words we know that as the vicinity center I.e. London center or Paris center. Of course also being in an airport’s zone which is also marked Or has borders.

Any pilot on an expert server flying in a not restricted airspace NOTAM or there isn’t a center controlling the vicinity or is outside the airport zone does not have any type of restriction on speed or altitude UNLESS otherwise instructed by the ATC controller.

It is unfair and very unprofessional to Mark player who fly in an in restricted airspace or are away or far from the airport airspace to be given violations (as long as they are playing an a professional manner) flying a fighter on level 500 or at high speeds in high altitudes and being outside that airspace YET being violated because they requested vectors to an airport is non sense to be honest.

On the other hand, a pilot who has emergency and has 2% percent fuel and asked by ATC to maintain lowest acceptable speed because the (un organized) ATC controller decided to line up an aircraft on the runway is BS. Asking the pilot turn around and again ask the pilot to maintain lowest practical speed with head winds of 16 knots and yet again lines up an aircraft on the runway is also called un professional.

What has turned to be annoying on this community is that (most) not all ATC controllers are having some control issues and are finding it pleasurable to them to give violations right and left. What is worse, is that people in the appeals community do believe that they are the chosen sacred ones and what they say is undeniable or even has no room for review. They pound you with gibberish vague open ended discussions and they decide on your behalf that they see what is right and wrong.

Even when you’re just following the exact directions by the ATC controller and they mess around with you and hit you with violations and you’re trying to appeal it that it’s non sense, they still try to find anything against you instead of being proficient and fair.

Flying a fighter jet at 40,000 feet with Mach 2 speed and starting a decent and reducing the speed is according to this community a violation. Why? The airspace isn’t controlled and you are following the procedures exactly and reducing your speed, but no to them because they can give violations and because there isn’t checks and balances here.

Where on earth does it say that being 40 or 50 nautical miles on an uncontrolled airspace and away from airport vicinity and flying in a straight line is excessive speed flying a fighter? Especially that the ATC instructs you to do a 180 and sends you away from the airport? I’m frustrated with this treatment and way of ignorance from several controllers, some are kids and they mess around without the slightest reality environment or experience.

Funny how when they want to use whatever argument they consider we are flying in a real like environment, but when you (the player) base your argument on that they totally ignore and disregards and use their power to either close an appeal or a discussion. This is a paid app, we all pay money here and we all follow the rules, be professional, honest and fair with players.

A general rule? Have you ever seen an ATC controller who’s 18 YO? Or have you seen an ATC controller giving you instructions and you follow them and after a minute they hit with a violation without doing anything but following their instructions?

Pure unfair game and if this keeps on going on, there won’t be much players left to play.

Not all ATC and not all Appeals but a majority is unfortunately treats you this way.

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Very large text, difficult to read and understand. 90% of what you say doesn’t make sense…

  1. The rules should be very specific and clear
  2. A player should not be given violations while following the ATC instructions
  3. Controlled airspace means either your are flying in an airport vicinity that has a frequency that controls its vicinity or you’re miles and miles away from that airport and the airspace isn’t controlled.
  4. There is no restriction in an in controlled airspace in terms of altitude and speed (for fighter jets) as long you are following the rules and being proficient

Simple things that unfortunately some ATC controllers abuse the power or even appeals do not look at the goodwill of a player. I’m frustrated because this has gone far and we are paying for a subscription on this game yet you get to be silenced as if you’re in school.

Even if appeals are wrong or vague they do not consider any of your reports. They just support the controllers in most cases.

That is wrong and shouldn’t be happening.

Well my first point is that you shouldn’t be requesting vectors to an airport at FL500.

We give out reports as a last resort. If you see this happening, contact @ Tyler_Shelton


But we can’t have a specific rule and set procedure for any given circumstance that could possibly ever happen. That’s just impossible.

Thanks Blitz

I was then above 30,000 feet. And yes I agree reports as a last resort! Thank you.

In my case, I was instructed to turn south to 180 degrees and then all of a sudden ATC calls me to climb to lvl. 600 and then pounds me with a level 3 violation. Literally just that… very annoying.

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If you were told to climb to that altitude, and then received a violation, that seems a little off on either the controllers side or on your side.

I suggest contacting @appeals with your replay :)

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Well guys I agree this is the fact and how things should be. But it is unfortunate this is literally what happened… that’s why I’m so mad and upset on sometimes our case gets treated and looked at.

I meant no offense to anyone but I’m just frustrated. I was taken down from level 4! To 3 then 2 in just four days

I can assure you if we abused our reporting power we wouldn’t be IFATC, we use them as a last resort if a player doesn’t follow instructions or the rules, it is not like we just hand them out for fun, no, we have valid reasons to report a person


It has already been reviewed by the appeals team. The Appeal was reviewed and the final decision was to keep the violation.


Trust me I haven’t written my topic here only because that is how appeals treated me and decided that what they see fit and bam there you go topic closed. Very sad.

Literally I was asked to turn to heading 180, then climb to lvl 600 then I got hit with the violation.

If this is happening so odten to you in such little time… maybe you’re doing something wrong. I’m not saying you are, but it’s very unlikely this would happen accidentally multiple times in a few days. I do understand your frustration.

Ah alright, well then some part of it is his fault. I’m not going against him but if he wants a valid statement, he has to explain the full story. Since we all don’t know what happened, it’s best we not speculate or continue with it and instead, @MoeIbz should contact a moderator about the incident.


Well, it was rejected for a reason, if appeals said it wasn’t going to be reversed for one reason or another, moderators aren’t going to either, regardless of how much you ask.


Hey! Sorry to hear you’re not having a good experience in the game.

Let me try and address your points one by one:

The minute you request vectors to an airport, you’re under ATC’s control. Or if they find that you’re not “away” and your flight path might interfere with traffic. Whether it’s Center, Approach, Tower, whatever. Like you said - flying at FL500 at Mach 2 in a fighter isn’t forbidden - unless it violates another aircraft’s boundaries, or if you want to descend and head to an airport.

Flying at Mach 2 when descending through controlled airspace, is not exactly violation-worthy behaviour, unless you’re told to do otherwise. You’re allowed to be at Mach 2 unless specifically told so by the controller. But again, you have to be situationally aware. You can’t interfere with traffic around you. Remember, controlled airspace extends as far as up to FL600. Center is still a controlling agency below that. You can’t behave like you’re in a free-for-all Class E or Class G airspace when you’re in contact with ATC. If anything you’re in Class A airspace - the most restrictive of them all! So if they tell you to reduce speed, you’re gonna have to comply.

I would highly suggest reading through this thread for etiquette on flying fighters on Expert, written by Tyler himself.

With a headwind of 16 kts, maintaining slowest speed should in fact be no problem! Just saying. But also - fuel is the pilot’s responsibility, and even though ATC will try to sequence you in early, they’ll still want their airport clear. Emergencies aren’t simulated in IF for now, and if you have low fuel, the general advice is to divert.


Oh, so the appeal already been submitted, replay file reviewed and rejected.
Seems like you are in the wrong here and taking out your frustrations out here


This assumption isn’t true btw. The ring for Approach is 50 NM away from the primary airport, while Center is usually as depicted by the boundaries (or as shown in the radar/distance coverage on that particular frequency).

I remember in my IRL flying lessons, one of the rules is “there’s always someone to talk to,” and all airspace is, in fact, controlled, even though it may seem otherwise.

When it comes to ATC and following rules, I would suggest that that’s a safe assumption to fly under.


Okay let me say this to all replies from you guys which I much appreciate.

My first violation I was flying the F22 and landing on final approach. View from cockpit and crowded airspace. Speed in the range of 160 knots and full flaps and head winds of 16 knots. The aircraft was dancing, yet the ATC kept saying maintain lowest practical speed. Any lower than 150 and my nose would be up in the sky. The ATC lines up an aircraft and asks me to do a turn around. Fine, did that but now I have an emergency with a 2% fuel. On my around I call emergency and on final approach the ATC repeats the same thing again, LMAO I have 1% so as a last resort and being close to the runway and nose up (cockpit view) I land slamming into the tarmac and yet ATC clears an aircraft for takeoff. When I landed I was behind the aircraft I didn’t touch it. Anyway I get violated. In my appeal I said that in real life scenario the ATC was mistaken, yes we should all maintain distance and abide by ATC instructions, however, the fact that ATC kept lining aircrafts on the runway and with circumstances seemed unfair to be given a violation. When I appealed, they decided that I didn’t follow the rule of maintaining distance from an aircraft… I still think the ATC was wrong and under the fact that I had an emergency I should’ve had priority.

On my second violation, I was flying from Paris to London. After crossing the English Channel, I switched to approach frequency as the airport airspace was busy (I’m still far away from the airport and still high on my altitude) just to hold the cue for landing. ATC instructions me to turn to 180 degrees and descend to 3,000 ft. I turn and reduce my speed while still above 2000 feet, the ATC then all of a sudden tells me to fly up to level 600 and then hits me with a violation. In my appeals case I asked that I followed ATC instructions accordingly by the book, but again appeals unfortunately decided that I was in a controlled airspace. No I wasn’t, there wasn’t a London center frequency and I was still high and flying away from the airport, I didn’t disrupt or annoy anyone. Yet they think they are right I gotta deal with it.

Simply and literally that’s what happened.

Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory, don’t land when someone else is on the runway…you’re basically contradicting your own statements of professionalism and qualified users now…


Well, if this has already been reviewed and the appeal rejected, I don’t see a reason for you to create this topic to send frustration here.In other words, there is no need for all of that.

Now I understand a little about your situation:

If you are running low on fuel, don’t go to a controlled airport, switch to an uncontrolled airport. Because in a controlled airport, the chance is very high that you have to make a turn.

Upon request for approach, it is always requested below FL180 and 50nm away from the controlled airport.

I strongly recommend that you read the manual, so that it doesn’t happen anymore and you have a good experience with the simulator!

Link: Overview | Infinite Flight

I wish you success and stay safe!