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VADesign - VA Design Innovation.

Welcome to the Official Thread of VADesign - a VACenter Product. Thread created by @DanT.

About VADesign

  • VADesign is a graphic design service offered to Virtual Airlines or Organisations who are in need of a design overhaul!
  • Founded in September 2023, VADesign is ran by passionate, friendly people who love Infinite Flight & graphic design.
  • VADesign is the successor of InfiniteDesign

What VADesign has to Offer

Here at VADesign, we offer a number of services to our customers. From banners & logos to website graphics, we’ve got your VA covered.

The list below outlines just a few examples of what we can offer your VA/VO:

  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Thread Graphics
  • Website Graphics
  • Pilot Award Certificates
  • Font Packages
  • Route Maps
  • Airline Theme Packages (HEX Colour Codes, Fonts & more)

And much, much, more!

VADesign Pricing

At VADesign, we offer plans at competitive prices. Why not give us a try with our ‘Free’ plan which includes 1 design per month free of charge.

ATLAS Subscriber?

VADesign comes included with your subscription, see what you are entitled to below:

With designs included in your subscription, why not take advantage of your allowance?


  • Pricing is per month
  • A ‘design’ is one image designed by VADesign, e.g. 1 logo
  • Cancellable at any time (except the ULTRA plan which is cancellable after 2 months of subscription)

VADesign Staff Team

At VADesign, what makes us unique is our passionate staff. We are very active on our Discord Server & have incredibly fast delivery times on our designs.

Meet the Team!

VADesign Lead

VADesign Staff

Part of VACenter

VACenter is a group of developers who make a wide range of third party services, from Crew Centers to Discord Bots.

VACenter was founded in 2019 as a side project to serve the VA community of Infinite Flight, creating a new crew center based on NodeJS, not the traditional PHP used by systems like PHPVMS & Flare, which dominated the industry.

Join the Discord Server

Get your VADesign journey underway by joining our Discord Server (via our website) below!


Really nice thread @DanT! Happy to see this project launching!


We at SASV are really proud to be a VACenter customer and we’re really looking forward to seeing this in action!!




Congrats on the launch!


Glad to be part of this, looking good!


Thank you!


Happy to see this released! Great job on the thread

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Amazing 😍


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