VADC Clarification

Community Members,
I’d like to restate what the VADC does after some recent problems. We have no authority to close VA’s or shut down VA’s! All we do is make helpful recommendations. We do this for the good of the community and not to upset or anger anyone. At no point did we mean to have any authority over other people, and we apologize if we’ve made you think this. If you have a problem with our checks please PM me (@hmkane) and @dasabel100 with your problem and will help you as much as we can. Again, all we do is make recommendations to VA owners about what they could fix to make their VA better and make sure they aren’t inappropriate. The only time we will take action against your VA is if it contains inappropriate material. In this case, mods will be contacted.
Below is a reminder of what we check:

  • Inappropriate Content (words, pictures, etc)
  • Grammer
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Compatibility (Will it work on PC’s and phones?)
  • We no longer will check security of websites (without approval, if you’d like your VA checked for security, you can still request it

Thank you for understanding,


Sorry, this week the Missiles on the TSK A320s are being replaced, Machine Guns only :)

What do you actually mean by security?


This is the only thing I don’t know😂. @dasabel100 can answer this for you. That’s his thing, not mine.

Oh, the irony.


It means they can’t check other VAs without direct permission.

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Thank you @hmkane, this was needed.

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