Vacillating Banking at Cruise

Hey all… I’m swaying 10 degrees left and right rapidly of my course while at cruise. A321, 35k ft, Mach .79, quartering tailwind of only 16kts. 70% load with 60% of fuel remaining. What could be the cause? Over SW Utah NE bound.

It can be because of the weight
When you are heavy and you fly too high your plane will start swaying left and right
Try going to around FL320(32,000ft)

That’s a problem with the A321 in IF
If your load is over 70% I wouldn’t recommend going over FL330

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Fuel is an important factor I remember once I was going to Dubai from San Francisco and the A359 keep on turning left and right just to try and get on the line I would suggest disable lnav and then turn on hdg and use it to get to the line urself. Once you are close enough turn back Lnav

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