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New VA Program

Your Crew Center

Version 3.0.1

VACenter is a crew center designed with modern frameworks in mind, and a scaleable, easy to install process. VACenter is made for VA’s looking to make a reliable, clear, and fun experience for pilots. VACenter is connected to the VANet , a modern data solution for VA’s. This makes it extremely easy to migrate from other CC’s like Flare.

Cut to the Pretty Pictures

These images may become outdated (Captured from V3)

Setup Process

Manual Setup:

Gallery Moved to:


VACenter is free and open source!.

Single System

VACenter is designed with simplicity in mind so it only requires you to install NodeJS and VACenter itself. No extras requiring setup and other tedious processes.

VACenter is recommended to be used with PM2, and is installed by VACenter

How can I get it?

You can download the new V3 from Release VACenter V3 Release · VACenter/CrewCenter · GitHub.
Alternatively visit to learn about our hosting options.


VACenter’s development team consists of:

@Sammy_Neale - Lead Dev
Teddy9264 - Scripter

VACenter also extends its greatest appreciation to:

@KaiM For Assisting in Queries about VANet and general advice.


This is going to be an awesome Crew Centre Sam! Look forward to seeing it all complete!

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Thanks Jack!

@Gabriel_f take a look at this.


Should have some more development pictures in the next 10-12 hours. Stay tuned!

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So cool, can’t wait to see it!

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Added a new image of V3, might have some big news coming out either later today or tomorrow.

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NEW BETA: V3 Beta 14

New beta released.

Fixed Mobile Login
Added stats to Home Screen
Limit PIREPS shown on home
Expanded stats on the VA Stats page
Added searching for pireps on the PIREPS admin page.
Links System
Rejection Reasons for PIREPS
Images for PIREPS
New setup menu

Updating thread with new pics shortly.

And those pictures have been added, the new setup screen was added in Beta 14 along with links.

U are number one,exelent work

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Thanks a lot!

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V3 Release Date

We are preliminarily targeting the Release of V3 for Monday 13th of September AEST. This is subject to change but we will be releasing the final Beta (Beta 15) this weekend with the full changelog being announced then. Our website will be updated to reflect this. We do have just one more thing however.

VACenter Hosting

VACenter is a new service that will allow hosting of your VACenter on our servers, this service will cost $4/month (USD), with price decreases as we expand VA numbers using the service. We will have more information about this service coming after V3 release but any VA's interested in this service should contact me directly, or wait until the thread is released.
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Beta 15 has just been released. If everything goes according to plan, this will be the last beta before release.


  • New Slots and sessions system.
  • Ability to remove PIREP images on timer.
  • Mobile Optimisations for all pages.
  • VANet revamp.
  • Faster livery selector during admin aircraft page.

See full release here:

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Beta 16 contains various patches for Beta 15.


  • Fix decimal places on stats
  • Fixing some spelling
  • Fix req headers
  • Fix Manual Pireps
  • Fix New Users
  • Fix adding VANet Profile.

See full release here:


We are just T-2 Days from the release of V3. This update will be a revolution in the VACenter experience, with a new UI, complete backend overhaul, and much much more. The demo will go live in a few hours so make sure to check back on

In other news Beta 17 will be released shortly, this beta will resolve a bug fix for PIREPS and the removal of routes.

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Just an update on the demo, doing some final preps for Beta 17, so once beta 17 gets released Ill update the demo

V3 Demo Released

Big news, is now live, check out the V3 demo (V3 Releases tomorrow) to experience the new VACenter.

Login Credentials:

User: 0
Password: 0


Beta 17 contains various patches for Beta 16.


  • Fix VANet ID warning
  • Made comments optional
  • Fixed route deletion for routes with slots
  • Removed cases of server crashes
  • Fixed new users for Non-VANet installs
  • Compiled CSS for release
  • New default profile picture
  • Fixed revoked users
  • Sanitise error messages presented to user

See full release here:

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🎉🎉 It’s release day 🎉🎉

Today V3 will be released, we are preliminarily targeting 2021-09-13T05:30:00Z. Stay tuned to this forum thread for news.

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