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Hello All,

Doing some research into potential new features for VACenter. So I’ve come to the IFC to ask VAs this question.

What Features are you looking for in a crew center?

I look forward to hearing some requests as we work to make VACenter more appealing.

Thanks a lot.

Lead Developer of VACenter

Hmm, maybe by making VAcenter more customizable, in terms of the ability to change the background of the cc also maybe having people who are willing to make the crewcenter for others who might not have the skill to do so.

Sorry if you already have some of these things,

Hey thanks for letting me know.

Currently VACenter has colour & background customisation, which is being expanded in V3.1 (Beta coming soon) with button colours & logos. As far as ‘willing to make the crew center’ we have numerous programs with allow you to get support from the VACenter team. Head over to to learn about our New VA Program which includes this.

Yup! Thanks! I believe one of my friends Ben_Bino has contacted you about more info on the CC.

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