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Crew Center trial period
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VACenter Hosting is the easiest Crew Center hosting experience. We offer you an easy way to get started with VACenter and Flare. You don’t have to manage your own server, and can pay comparatively lower prices for better services.


You can benefit from a free crew center for the first month, which gives you time to try it and discover all the services that surround it. After the 1 month has passed, you will be automatically charged monthly unless manually cancelled from your VACenterID dashboard.


Two plans are available, the standard plan which offers you the hosting of your crew center and a free domain. And the premium plan, which offers you the custom code,…
See the pricing more precisely.


V4 is a radical redesign of VACenter, it’s our most advanced CC yet, introducing new features like ACARS, activity checks, IFVARB live map built in to the dashboard. These improvements allow VAs to be better equipped to deal with the day to day of VA operations.

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Let’s go, free trial is back, make sure to check this ;)



Anyone wishing to transfer or start their VA to VACenter Hosting should do so by joining the Official Communications Server

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