VACenter Group Looking for Developers


VACenter & VAWeb are currently looking for staff, you can find the list of needed positions below.

VACenter is a leading, free, and open source crew center that is easy to setup and install. VACenter provides an experience no other crew center can even approach. VACenter also contains integration with VABot, allowing you to integrate VACenter with your discord server.


  • Sonar Developer
    Developer who makes our in house downtime reporting software.
    Apply here
  • Sky Developer
    Developer to work on creating a highly advanced flight tracking system for Infinite Flight.
    Apply here
  • CC Developer
    Developer who will work with maintaining and upgrading the VACenter (v4) crew center.
    Apply here
All of these positions are unpaid but offer discounts on VACenter Group Services.


  • VAWeb developer (x3)
    Developer who will create custom html websites for virtual airlines.
    Apply here
All of these positions are unpaid but offer discounts on VACenter Group Services.


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This group has amazing projects ahead of it, with great developers and support. Ans it’s amazing to be part of this team, you won’t regret it if you join.


Awesome thread guys!
I am very happy to be the developer of VABot here at VACenter. I am always surrounded by bright inspiring people who generate amazing ideas to make your experience with VACenter even better than what you expected. I always learn new ways of coding or new methods of doing things that challenge me and help me develop VABot but also my other projects. If you join as staff or a developer you won’t regret it.

Keep an eye out for new products coming soon!

Thanks for reading,
Robin (SPEEBIRD101)

I am very sorry to say, but I am very confused of what the VACenter Jobs are for on Infinite Flight. Can someone please explain more what the jobs basically is? Thank you so much!

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GDay, no problem. VACenter Group is an organisation of developers creating things like crew centers, websites (for VAs), discord bots etc.

But we’re looking for more people to join! Did you have a question about a specific position?

Yeah, specifically the Sky Developer Application. What is the position about?

Sure, we have an upcoming product in the pipeline where we want to create a flight tracker, it’ll have all the same features as your standard ones, with a few more, like screenshot uploading, a flight record, as well as pilot lookup.

We’d like a developer to help lead the project. I’ll personally assist when necessary.

On that note if anyone has some feature requests, feel free to send me a PM on the IFC or via the VACenter Communications

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Very interesting. Is it okay if have some thoughts about it, before I decide to apply for it?

Of course, it’s a big undertaking so I’d encourage you to make thought out decisions

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Roger. Thank you so much!

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No problem

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Amazing thread for an amazing company. Apply now, we need you ☺️

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