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Get a free, advanced, modern and customisable crew center for your Virtual Airline.

VACenter is a leading, free, and open source crew center that is easy to setup and install. VACenter provides an experience no other crew center can even approach. VACenter also contains integration with the IF Experiment Bot (Coming soon), allowing you to integrate VACenter with your discord server.

VACenter is available from, the releases section has our latest version. Visit the wiki for more information on installations or ask here.

Open source
VACenter is free and open source. This means that all the code that VACenter uses is publicly available and free for anyone to use.

Whilst the code is free, you need a computer to run it on. You can use your personal computer, or a hosting provider like VACenter Hosting (See below).

VACenter Hosting provides an easy way to get started with VACenter. You don’t have to manage your own server, and can pay comparatively lower prices for better services.

Plans Available:

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Standard ($4/month)

Get this plan by visiting VACenter

  • Free Domain
  • VACenter Instance
  • Discord Support
  • Shared Server

Dedicated ($10/month)

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  • Custom Domain Support
  • PIREP Images
  • Beta Updates
  • Dedicated Server

VACenter ❤️ Open Source

VACenter is open source software, than can be installed on any capable computer. VACenter is, and will remain free, and the hosting service only provides a computer to run VACenter on.

VACenter supports communication with VANet, allowing you to integrate with different services provided by VANet, like PIREPs, events, and codeshare.

You can enable VANet at setup. Or choose not to and use a traditional experience.

VACenter provides a data API to access certain areas of VACenter for display on websites etc. More detail can be found on our developer page VACenter - Developers.

VACenter 2020-2021

Website | Github | Wiki | Gallery



  • @Sam_Neale Lead Developer
  • Teddy9264 Database Developer
  • SamSam Administrator



VACenter Project Update

I thought it be necessary to inform you all about the current state of VACenter.

Firstly, I’d like to thank those currently funding VACenter, notably @AlitaliaVirtual and @TAP_Portugal_VA.

Secondly, I’ll address the inactivity from myself. Just went through exams, and now I’ll be back to code VACenter. Additionally many of you may be aware with my work on IFFMC, that has taken some time away from VACenter.

Lastly, I’ll outline my vision for VACenter going forward.

It is not difficult to see that a major blocking factor for VA’s getting their own VACenter is the self hosting requirement (or purchasing VACenter Hosting).

As such, VACenter will be moving to a discord like model, where you can create your own servers or in our cases, instances of VACenter on the fly. We believe this to be necessary for future expansion.

More information on our plans will come out in our weekly updates in Discord Server.

I’d like to thank you all for your support in making a hodgepodge project become where it is today.

Thank you,

Sam Neale,
Lead Developer


Sounds an amazing news, looking forward!

Wonderful job!

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As those in our Discord server will have seen, we recently released mockups for VACenter NG, our new online platform.

Welcome, enjoy the ride

Home Sweet home

What a busy pilot!


Something tells me this is a demo airline ;)

How did you figure it out?

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no airline operates the SYD-LON route

totally didnt look at the left hand side o


These looks amazing, can’t wait to see the final result!

Amazing job!

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Amazing work Sam. The design are so good and I hope you continue working like this.

Welcome @Adrian_K to the VACenter Team

Hello again! We’ve got some big news, with a new member to our team!

Adrian is from Fiji and started software development with themes for the popular forum software (including that used by the IFC) discourse, as well as bots for discord. He has created many, high quality, websites for VAs, and will join the team to continue his work under the VAWeb brand (some of you might remember this name, the program was discontinued but will be revived by Adrian).

We can’t wait to expand the services we offer, now to VA websites with the help of Adrian.

Please welcome @Adrian_K!



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Congrats my friend, you truly deserve it!

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Thanks again mate!


@everyone Welcome @likeablegeek to the VACenter Team

Hello once again! We’re back with some news! Arman (@likeablegeek) has joined the VACenter Team!

Arman is from the UK and is very experienced in the software space. Arman will head up the VACenter Hosting division, making the experience for our valued VACenter Hosting customers even better! You won’t always be able to see Arman’s work behind the scenes, but it will make your service way smoother.

Again, please join me in welcoming @likeablegeek!


On that note

We recently (about 30 mins ago), launched our new “Jobs at VACenter” site,, we’ll be posting positions that we are looking for your help in there. We will also announce openings here on the forum. Can’t wait to share with you some upcoming projects!


That so cool, I’ve just applied in order to help on that project !


@Sam_Neale Thanks for the welcome and the opportunity to contribute to VACenter. Should be exciting.


Welcome @Baba to the VACenter Team

We meet yet again! We have another new hire, @Baba has joined the team!

Baba is from Belgium and is pretty well known on the IFC. Baba will be our PR Representative, making our forum threads and helping out with your questions! Baba will additionally be working closely with our NVAP customers and potential applicants. Baba’s work will undoubtedly be great for your experience interacting with VACenter.

Welcome @Baba!


I would like to thank you @Sam_Neale and all the team at VACenter to let me become your new PR Representative. I’m super happy to be able to work with the team and looking forward to work alongside our clients.


Welcome Baba!

yet another place where we work together