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Your Crew Center, now updated

VACenter 2.2 Out Now

VACenter is a crew center designed with modern frameworks in mind, and a scaleable, easy to install process. VACenter is made for VA's looking to make a reliable, clear, and fun experience for pilots. VACenter is connected to the VANet, a modern data solution for VA's. This makes it extremely easy to migrate from other CC's like Flare.


VACenter is free! With only a subscription for services that require an extra server, like a live map and discord bot, for only $3usd/month.

Single System

VACenter is designed with simplicity in mind so it only requires you to install NodeJS and VACenter itself. No extras requiring setup and other tedious processes.

VACenter is recommended to be used with PM2, and is installed by VACenter

Tutorials made for real people's tutorials are designed for real people, so that it is clear how to install and take full advantage of the system.

How can I get it?

You can sign up at and head to the downloads part of the account page. Or simply head to our GitHub, and get the latest release.


VACenter's development team consists of:

@Sammy_Neale - Lead Dev
Teddy9264 - Scripter

VACenter also extends its greatest appreciation to:

@KaiM For Assisting in Queries about VANet


Wiki Update - Added Guide on adding accounts, more guides to come this week.

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V2.2 "Who Am I?"

Update announced (Not Released Yet)

V2.2 contains new updates for accounts, passwords. Other features like VANet integration for Event Sign up, and PIREPS, notifications are also coming!

Check the roadmap out on Github for the full list.

what is VA centre anyway?

VACenter is a crew center for virtual airlines.

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ah ok, im a part of QVG

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I see your a fellow Aussie

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yeah, are you?

Yep, Melbourne.

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Hope you are going ok with the COVID-19 lockdown and its SO cold down there, and up here in Townsville, GO THE MAROONS!! #QUEENSLANDER!!

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VACenter 2.2.0B Released

V2.2.0B (Beta) has been released, it is the final testing release before we fully release V2.2.0 later today (AEST) following testing. V2.2.0 holds some amazing features, such as:
  • New Coloured Navbar
  • New Account Page
  • New Reset Password Option
  • User account deletion
  • Registering instances with VACenter Central Control
  • Updated Event Page
  • Events Register with VANet
  • PIREP Register with VANet
  • Notification System
1 Like will also get new tutorials since nuked itself :(.

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V2.2.0 Now Released

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Wonderful! Happy to have test it! It’s wondeful!!

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NEW RELEASE - Smol tho

Small update, allows users who created accounts prior to V2.1 (beta testers) to use VANet. Also fixed an issue where the ranks menu wouldn't show for mobile.

Working an issue with with people unable to access the page when it gives them an error. I won’t be able to fix this until I get back from holidays on the 3rd of July. Extremely sorry

Issue Resolved


Here is a sneak peek at the new dashboard coming as just one of the many changes in V2.3.

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I need some thoughts...
I am planning on having some major overhauls in V2.3, notably a brand new PIREP system, and design. Now, in my opinion, it is probably worth an upgrade to V3. But we only released V2.0 not that long ago. So I am asking you, should I name it V2.3 (to soon for V3) or V3 (alot of big changes)?
What should the next version number be?
  • V2.3
  • V3.0

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V3 it is. Meanwhile here are some pictures of the new design

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