Vacation Photos

First Southwest 737 I’ve seen in the new livery at KBHM(I know it’s not that special but it was a pretty big moment for me) Unfortunately it wasn’t ours 😞image
FedEx 757F almost always guaranteed for one to be there image
UPS A300-600F One of these is there almost always image
Southwest 737-700 Desert Gold livery at KTPA!image
Accidentally got a Southwest 737 at point of touchdown image
Our plane pulling into the gate at KTPA image
United ERJ-170 at KTPA image


It’s funny to see the old Southwest livery ;)

I prefer the old livery. This new one stands out to much.

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The retro livery you saw is actually a 700 series, they painted 2 of them in that if I recall

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It’s got more colours… I like it!

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It’s funny to see the new one for me :/


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