Vacate, please expedite

Please, please, please if you are told to expedite when vacating the runway that means get off the runway as swiftly and safely as possible. I have just been sent on my third go around at Geneva because aircraft decided to completely stop on the runway instead of leaving the runway ASAP. It’s very annoying not only for the aircraft told to go around but the controllers too. Thank you :)


What is up with Geneva? Like seriously.


I can only say the same thing. Just finished controlling tower at Geneva (internet cut out), and I had at least 5 go-arounds.

May have also broken a keyboard in the process…


Another problem is stopping before the threshold to contact ground! An aircraft is about to cross the threshold, no time to dilly dally!


I know right?!


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Sorry about that. I think I was responsible for one of them. I had to cut reverse thrust at 70kts to expedite my exit.

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Sometimes it annoys me. I always check which runways and how many runways there are before the flight. I look at my plane and see which taxiway I can exit from. I notice that some brake too hard and take a long time to exit the runway. I know that there are several ways around the problem, but that is the way it is. I hope that something will change in the future.

Hell began today, especially in Geneva. Since there is only one runway, it could not operate perfectly. I am very surprised and would like to thank everyone who is with IFATC.

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Oh no what should I know? I’m in route to Geneva right now

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I’d recommend diverting, lengthy delays in the circuit for Geneva.


I’d recommend diverting as well. Seems like it’s a bad situation even though IFATC is really trying their hardest. Geneva’s a tough airport in the first place. Geneva’s a fun place to fly into when there’s not a million arrivals!


Okay thanks guys, here’s the question though, how do you divert mid-flight without a flightplan? Like I don’t want to make just a straight line to another Airport?

So many pilots think “exit runway when able, please expedite” means full reverse thrust + parking breaks. No! This causes you to be at a stand-still in the middle of the runway. It is slower to do this than to simply get down to about 35kts and roll right of the runway, contacting ground when you are past the hold short line and still moving. As ATC, we are not asking pilots to recklessly brake. “Please expedite” does not mean break protocol, stop being safe, etc. It means safely get off the runway as quickly as you can still be safe and realistic. It does not mean stop moving. It does not mean let the rest of the traffic wait until you contact ground. Keep moving, and stay on the tower frequency until off the runway. Thanks! :)


I would recommend taking nav off, setting your heading straight ahead, beginning a new flight plan from where your current location is and then continuing that FPL all the way to your new destination.

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Sadly this happens but this is a great topic for people to be better aware of that situation as I definitely know how it feels.


Much appreciated, but how do I make a flight plan that’s accurate from this exact location? You know what I mean

Hmmm, not quite sure you can do that, I’d find a fix about 10-15 nms straight ahead of you and start it there

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Just pick a heading, add a waypoint, add more, add a STAR, and land. To make it simple :P

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Well I’ve just been sent on my 4th go around…!

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Just got told to go around for the 4th time! Running out of fuel here

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