VABB - EGLL / B77L (Air India Virtual)

An early morning flight from Mumbai, India to London Heathrow in a glorious Boeing 777-200LR, with a companion @Henry with his gorgeous Boeing 777-200ER (British Airways)!

Flight time: 9 hours
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At Gate in VABB with British Airways…

Holding short Runway 27, meanwhile British Airways taking-off!

My Take-off

Departing Mumbai

Mid-Air closeup call!

On top of beautiful Georgia from FL360.

Touchdown @EGLL

At Gate in EGLL!

Credits: @AirIndiaVirtual2
And special thanks to @Henry for accompanying me…!!

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Thank you, much love & peace ✌️♥️


Nice photos! Was glad to take part in this flight!

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Nice photos! I have flown VABB-EGLL multiple times in real life with the Jet Airways 777 and it’s become one of my favourite routes for Infinite Flight. Glad you liked this route.

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Nice photos saw you on my map the whole flight when I was inbound to EGLL, hope you enjoyed it :)

Happy Flying

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Thank you!! ❤️ And yeah it is one of my favourite route…
By the way, were you flying British Airways & landed just before us? @Captain_Cign

Very nice shots!

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no was flying from Perth in a 789, you came in about 10 mins after me :)


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Ohh ok ok!! No worries. Hope to fly together in the skies…

Thanks 😊 @Watt

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