VABB Approach Timelapse | 20 Sep 2020

Hello everyone!
Today I bring to you an ATC timelapse. This one is a bit old, but it is so unique and special to me.

On the 20th of September, VABB was booming with traffic. I took over initial approach with no plan in mind except to get everyone on the ground. I saw the pattern already in place and realized it was too big. I wanted to move the entire line closer to the airport and that’s exactly what I did. While doing this, a sort of “triangle” line was formed, which looked absolutely beautiful.

I would like to also shout out the following people that I tagged with on that day:

@Alejandro_Castaneda: Final Approach. You have no idea how much you helped me out managing the traffic I was launching at you Alejandro. You rocked it!
@Enrique_Fernandez: Mumbai Center. Amazing job Enrique. You vectored incoming arrivals flawlessly into my line before handing them off to me. Thank you!
@Thunderbolt: Final Approach. I don’t think we stayed together much during the session, but thank you so much for helping me out with final approach. You did awesome Matt!
@Edoardo_C: Tower. Eddie, you were perfect at managing tower there. You had almost no go-arounds and you got departures out perfectly, especially with the tight spacing you were getting. Thank you!

Thank you to @Shane for helping me create this timelapse.
Click on the picture below to watch the video. Enjoy!


It’s fine in #atc…really doesn’t matter for these timelapses…

Awesome stuff @PlaneGeek, pleasure working with you.


Oh, okay. Didn’t know

Awesome work on approach, that day was definitely one for the books in terms of busyness and long wait times, thanks for letting me make this video for ya!

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It was an amazing session and I’m very glad I controlled with you all that day. Great job with the time lapse!

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That line!!! The coordination and organization of that is insane! Great video Jared!

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Holy smokes. That’s gotta be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in IF. Great job to the controllers who were able to coordinate all that traffic!

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Nice job Jared, always is a pleasure to control with you!

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It was definitely a great session, good job everyone! The Timelapse is amazing and it’s a pleasure to control with you @PlaneGeek 🍻🔥

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Amazing job!!
I see myself in the video too

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