vaBase / VAsystems not reachable

Hi all - I can no longer get into my vaBase-account.
Supposedly my email address is not known… the same with the provider VAsystems… have written to the providers. Is anything known about problems?
Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice weekend!

Hey there,

vaBase aren’t exactly known for their quality of customer support, but there’s not a whole lot anyone here can do about it I’m afraid. The best I can recommend is check that your login credentials are absolutely correct, and other than that the best you can do is try and get in contact with them.

However, if it’s a VA Crew Center that you’re unable to log into, you’ll need to take that up with the individual VA.


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Hello Kai,

thanks a lot for your answer - it will not be because of wrong password entries, because they are saved. I have heard from another source, however, that other users are also affected. Apparently so a cause other - which reassures me : )
Anyway, thanks for your response and many greetings!

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