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When making a blog for a VA website, what should you include?


So, you’re planning on making a VA, but are you the CEO which to get your get your VA IFVARB approved?

Yep, and I want my VA to be IFVARB approved, for starters that’s why I’m going to be regularly active on the forum, so far our website can be compared to higher end ones, our discord is great and staff is organized. Thats completly off topic: What should I include in a VA blog?

Well, you can’t get IFVARB, yet.

You are not Trust level 2

Exactly why I’m going to be active on the forum for around 3 hours a day. And we’re not planning on applying now, can you just answer the question?


The basic info on the VA (passenger/cargo), fleet, ranking, staff, requirements, any partnership, any upcoming events, and most importantly the link to your site and the link for pilots to apply.

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That’s the whole website, I was referring to the blog, thanks for the checklist already got all that down!

For your blog you should include your process of your VA, meaning you should include how you are going to start. In my opinion

Awesome! Thanks!

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