VA/VO tag restricted for IFVARB pilots

Hello, I wanna ask if it’s possible to make a verification system when trying to use a VA/VO tag, this is due to many people using Virtual Airlines tags without being in that group, that is confusing to other players and even for the VA pilots. Today (and not only today) I found a player using the AFKLM tag when he has never been part of us, which is kinda annoying because this should be used by real VA pilots only.

My suggestion (if possible) is to limit this usage for IFVARB pilots only, like it only unlocks the tags for the VAs you are in.


How would this be regulated on the forum, considering they would need to be verified here in order to put it?


Like, the Virtual organization menu will only show to users that are in the IFVARB database of a certain VA. I don’t know if in the IFVARB they have the names of every VA pilot, but if not that could be implemented. I don’t really know how it works, but that’s the idea.

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Maybe it could be like another TL level ,where if you are in the VA then you will get the new TL level with the same features and restrictions of TL 2 and be able to access the feature ,and for other pilots who are not in an VA that could be an Hidden.


Trust Levels are discourse features, not IFC specific. Trust Levels can’t just be added


The CEO of the particular airline will have the right to assign via IFC id if it gets added.

Maybe there could be an verification code that once you input you will be able to access the panel?

How does people in multiple VA’s do ?

What most of you mention is unfortunately impossible. These features don’t even exist and I am not sure if the community can support them. This would also require a lot of work, as pilots join / leave groups every day.

Now, with tags, you don’t have to add the VA name in your in-game username. As some of you remember, users used to add VA or VO calls signs (like IFATC for example) to their usernames, when they weren’t even a member of the actual organization. I understand your point, but that’s something we have been dealing with for a long period of time and I believe we are used to it now. 😅


Integration with callsign

I’m going to offer my opinion in this:

Personally, I think its a great idea however I’m going to agree with ol’ Drummy boi when I say I’m not sure Discourse has a feature which will allow the staff/mods to integrate this intuitively.

Would love to see it though if it is possible somehow!

It would be nice to be able to verify VA pilots, but right now, we’re having trouble making sure VA/VO staff rosters are up-to-date in our database. That’s only an average of 6 staff members per VA/VO, not like 20 or 30. The new activity check-in system should help, but still…

Based on the info in VA/VO profiles, a total of 500+ staff are active while it’s over 5,000 pilots total. That’s a massive list to verify and keep track of unless all VA/VOs start using a single crew centre that feeds that data into the IF/VARB database, which would be quite restricting.

The only thing I can think of that would make this remotely possible is making it mandatory to enter pilot IFCs into the IFVARB database. Although I think it would be virtually impossible to keep it up-to-date without dedicated staff (e.g., Recruitment Manager / HR) keeping track.


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