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This may have been discussed before, but the leadership in all the VA/VO’s spends a great deal of time to build their presence on IF and to grow their pilots and their collaborative interaction within the IF community. Many VA/VO’s have a great deal of cred on the platform and make committed efforts to be professional, organized and a progressive and engaged community. So it seems to be a disconnect that any pilot on IF can choose a VA/VO without actually being a member? We have two such flyers now who choose our VO but who have never engaged us in any way or been accepted into the VO through the normal process of vetting, testing and adherence to the rules and good standards of practice. So a non member who displays the TAG can perform in a way that is contrary or negative for the VA/VO with little to no consequence thereby implicating the entire organization. So having now rambled…is the above accurate from the standpoint of any proper subscriber in good standing can choose any VA/VO regardless of whether they are members or not?


Yes, this is correct. There are no restrictions on a pilot’s VO affiliation. Users can choose to display whichever VO they’d like on their IFC and in-game profile, even if they are not a part of said VO.

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I thank you for the reply. It seems to me to be a very large disconnect since the IF VARB holds each and every VA/VO to very strict and non contestable standards, yet are allowing anyone to “associate” themselves with the VO with zero vetting. Tough to be responsible for all your VA/VO members within the IF guidelines and at the same time allow any and everyone to be a part of because of a lack of proper oversight, but guess it is what it is.

I heard some VA/VO’s are contacting the people who fly with the affiliation even though they aren’t part of the VA/VO requesting them to remove it.


I tried that lol. Nicely. But no response over the past 30 days, but more so to see if they wanted to get in and be part of the VO.

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While we do hold all VA/VOs to strict standards, we understand that there are folks out there who, unfortunately, waste their time trying to create a bad impression of any respective IFVARB approved organization.

While there isn’t much we can do, if this becomes such an issue, you can reach out to @moderators. I know that they can remove an organization from users, though I am not sure if this is something that they would be willing to do.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Have a good one.

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Thanks for the comments. Appreciate the feedback. Good day to you as well.

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This is correct. And speaking as a member of staff at a VA, I have seen a couple incidents where people on the community have used our VA tag without actually being in the VA, and all attempts to reach out to connect with the user to try and tell them to not use it has been met with an empty reply given that they tend to be infrequent users on the platform.

I find it mildly annoying being honest. The lack of moderation on the system really puts the whole affiliation system to shame given that people can be working hard to be a member at a certain VA/VO only for another random user to just hop on the IFC, select their VA/VO affiliation and go on their merry way without any consequence whatsoever.


Me personally I think this should be addressed by the VARB. As a member of a VA, I personally take offense to someone that just can go on and use our VA/VO without being a part of our VA, or without having even attempted to reach out to anyone in regards to recruitment or anything.

I feel extremely strong about this because I as many others have been on the receiving end of trolls that fly around looking for people to mess with, and there are no consequences for them, they may not have the chance to do maneuvers without incurring a aerobatics violation but just simply getting dangerously close to an aircraft can be extremely annoying especially when you’re just simply trying to enjoy a flight

My understanding as to the creation of the VA/VO, was that people would be allowed to select “THEIR” VA/VO so they could represent their organization and not just anyone that’s available within the IFC… I don’t think it’s fair to those people who are honest members in good standing within this community, to have to defend themselves on various threads when people complain about other users who fly with their VA/VO in their profile but yet they have no standing with that said VA/VO… it’s not a good look for that organization when you have random people who just select it and do all type of trolling and various other things that give that organization a bad reputation/bad name…

Going forward and hopefully soon, I would like to see some implementation added to the AFC and infinite flight to where there is some type of connectivity where people that are actually a part of a said VA/VO can only use those VO/VA’s that they are actual members of, And the option for selection and that people who are not actual members do not have the option to select that VO that they’re using if they are not an actual member… you can select whatever callsign you want but as far as VA/VO affiliation I personally feel that that should be limited for those who are actually membersOf the VA and not just for any random person to use for their own bad intentions…


Thanks for your input and comments. As a 2nd year Pro Subscriber to IF, I wish we could get more attention to our MA Aircraft. Just this past week on Military Monday we saw quite a lot of flyers online and enjoying the platform, and the special flights and missions that are a compliment to the other VA/VO’s on the platform. But anyway, if we can get more likes on the above concern I am sure that the IF Tech staff and the leadership can accomplish a solution that makes this more complimentary to all the effort and time that many of us in staff positions within an organization put into making this a great experience.


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