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If a Virtual airline thread is closed does that mean I can open the same one again?

If its thread is closed, chances are that they are making a new thread, you’ll know if they are closed.

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You could just coppy your orignal thread to a new thoram post. Up to you! =D

Thanks planning to repopen Alaska or Lufthansa any suggestions

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Idk to be honest with you. xD

The thread was closed because of inactivity for 90 days

I recommend checking this post, if the airline is there it means you can’t create it. The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database || Change Log #2

Lufthansa doesn’t allow their name being used, due to copyright

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Alaska Virtual is a thing still to my knowledge and Lufthansa can’t be called lufthansa due to copyright reasons.

Oh wow. Didn’t know that

But I recommend checking the database before opening a new VA. It lets you know what VA’s are available to take and which ones are taken, you’ll also know which ones are active or not, before choosing that you’ll open it again

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Yes, I know do you know if west jet, Etihad, Spirit or RYANAIR have copyrighted their name?

I think that RyanAir Do, however I don’t know if the others do, if you aren’t sure contact the airline in question

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Ok sure. I do think that there was a ryan air virtual existence but only closed because of inactivity.

What ever the reason the closure was for, it was a major factor for inactivity, as far as I know

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Oh ok I’m pretty sure spirit closed too.

Natedog has told me that people are already planning for west jet va. So sad that was my number 1 choice any ideas for a va? I’ll give you staff if you would like!

Oh wait wrong person natedog not Connor HAHAHAHA

I would recommend contacting the IFVARB.


I don’t understand for what reason can you clarify

Nope, sorry. You’ll need to reapply. See the info thread for more information:

Everyone else- please avoid discussion with questions like this :)