VA thread Question

Hi there!

Ok lets pretend my VA got accepted and I am making a thread…

If i create a new account will I be able to create a thred or do I have to wait for TL2? Or can I rename this account and then upload because this account is TL2 and in good standing then I create a new account for myself?

If there are any other way or any other recommended way pls tell me!

Thank you!

Once your VA is approved and the IFC VA account is made, you can reach out the the mods and they will automatically promote the account to TL2!

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Ooh so i dont have to wait?! Cool thanks man

Correct, you don’t have to wait!

Oh ok thank you! One more thing: do i contact an IFC mod or IFVARB mod?

But that account has rules where it can post. Its not a fast path to TL2 for other categories.

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You would contact an IFC mod, or reach out to your assigned IFVARB Leader and they will take care of it.

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Oh ok then thats fine… where can i find the rules @Chris_S? Thnaks

After IFVARB Certification, you can ask your IFVARB Leader, and they will take care of it.

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Keep that in mind too. The rules are way more strict compared to what typical user accounts are limited too. You can find the link to these rules here.

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Thank you guys!

Ps. Its been 7 days and im still waiting for an admin to review and the reason why is because the doc links are private haha