VA That flies into KMKL

So kmkl, my home airport, is being reworked rn. I am looking for virtual airlines that fly on to the airport. IRL the biggest plane to ever land there is a Dassault Falcon 7X or the FIFI Bomber.

VA not VO. I’m IFGAC us just to talk with other pilots in ga and do ga events and log ga flights. I want to do actual flights.

There is no major US carrier that flies into this airport and no VA for the airline that does [Air Choice 1]. Considering that VAs mimic their real-life counterparts in terms of routes, I think you are out of luck.

Within our club, you could always suggest that we do a flight or that we do an event out of certain places…

I’d love to start using the C750 more in events and if you ever suggest KMKL as a event idea – Ill be sure to make that happen

Facebook: Air Choice 1 Virtual. Me, I’ll be registering it once I get tl2 and a few more staff. Wairing until kmkl is added in first though.

Kmkl is 2 runways and 2 taxiways. Once it’s in I’ll change my base of ops from knqa to kmkl.

NetJets flys in there to but not nearly enough planes to do that.

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