VA Suggestions

Egyptair, I can already see a codeshare 🙈

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I believe someone that I know is working on it.

That idea sound rlly cool, would defo join if u were to make it :)

Ill give you a good one. … China Airlines!!

Egypt air could be a good one

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Egyptair is currently getting prepared to apply.

Rip then maybe fly Dubai??

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Yeah Captain Ronaldo is doing it. We might do the Thomas Cook Virtual Group if we can include Condor in it.

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Part of Dubai Virtual

I’m creating Egyptair actually haha, sorry bout that

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Btw guys thanks for all the suggestions! We will get to full work on whatever VA we do from tommorow!


Hi! I am the CEO of the pacifica virtual!

We are based at Stansted not Manchester. But we fly there :)

Thank you for the good word!

Where did you hear of us?

I suggest you to start a charter airline. This may limits your livery selection but you can actually have a wide selection of destinations across the globe.

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Could use an AtlasAir VA in the game!

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It’s also a big airline so it could work!

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Avelo? Also Bonza in Australia!

Hey guys, I’m the 92nd ARS KC-10 commander for GAF and we have been looking for VA’s to help out with cargo missions we have had in the past but there were no VA’s that fit that bill. For example the main carriers are Atlas Air, Omni Air international and Kalita Air. If you guys are still deciding what company to chose these would be great because they have their own cargo contracts as well as the military contracts. They fly all over the world into many different countries doing a variety of different things. Reach out if you would like to talk more about this. Good luck with your new adventure and I hope to hear from you.

Avelo is already taken. You can view the thread by pressing here.

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